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TReNT assures dark fiber network with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution

by Desmond Dallen

TReNT assures dark fiber network with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring solution


Real-time, in-service assurance technology dramatically reduces cost and helps keep SLA promises


Enschede, Netherlands. June 26, 2018. ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that TReNT, a leading Netherlands-based fiber solutions provider, has deployed ADVA ALM assurance technology across its dark fiber network. The comprehensive fiber monitoring solution is now delivering real-time insight into TReNT’s infrastructure, providing continuous performance data and helping to maximize service availability. With its ease of use and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), the ADVA ALM gives TReNT a detailed understanding of its fiber plant, helping the company reduce cost from wasted maintenance efforts and third-party monitoring services and deliver on high-value SLAs. Dutch transport solutions specialist and ADVA partner TrueCom also played a key role in preparing and deploying the solution.


“The ADVA ALM is helping us maximize the potential of our fiber plant and bring added value to our customers. With this assurance solution, our operators are able to detect any issues in an instant. That means no more wasted hours finding faults, no more futile repair visits and altogether simpler maintenance,” said Harmen ten Kate-Busschers, project manager, TReNT. “At TReNT we want to deliver total availability at all times. Leveraging this simple device helps us guarantee unbeatable performance and increase the value of our SLAs. The ADVA ALM is much more user-friendly than previous monitoring strategies we’ve tried in the past. The simplicity of its design saves significant time and money as it brings monitoring in-house, alerts us to any network issues within seconds and enables us to focus on preventing problems rather than tracking them down.”


The ADVA ALM was specifically engineered to be a plug-and-play fiber assurance device, and its GUI was developed with customers for maximum ease of use. It provides TReNT with continuous in-service monitoring, immediately alerting operators to any faults or potential fiber degradation. This real-time data is key to assuring world-class dark fiber services and maintaining valuable SLA promises through rapid repair cycles. The device is also non-intrusive as it operates independently of transported data. The ADVA ALM can be deployed in the most extreme environmental conditions, ensuring end-to-end network visibility and further reducing cost. The technology also features standardized, open management interfaces that made it easy for TReNT to integrate it into its operational support systems.


“Our ALM really is the easiest and most cost-effective way for dark fiber operators like TReNT to optimize the value of their assets and the services they offer. With proactive, real-time monitoring of its infrastructure’s integrity and performance, TReNT is guaranteed continual insight into every corner of its network,” commented Yann Evain, sales director, Benelux, ADVA. “Together with TrueCom, we’ve helped TReNT prevent outages and dramatically enhance customer experience. Our small, energy-efficient, service-agnostic device provides a serious competitive edge. What’s more, reducing cost, saving time and minimizing truck rolls isn’t just good news for TReNT and its customers. It also improves the sustainability of TReNT’s operations, helping them and their customers contribute to preventing climate change.”


“The ADVA ALM is not only the most effective fiber optic monitoring technology available; it’s also the most compact and cost-efficient solution on the market. TReNT found it easy to install and integrate with their GIS system so it was up and running and adding value within hours. The technology has already boosted the efficiency of TReNT’s operations and their team now has plans to roll it out to other parts of the network. When they do, we’ll be there to support them every step of the way,” said Dhieradj Ramanand, sales connectivity and security, TrueCom. “We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent partnerships with service providers like TReNT who place the highest demands on their networking equipment. We offer the most innovative technology and continual expert advice, making us the Netherlands’ go-to choice for ICT solutions.”


Watch this video for more information on real-time fiber monitoring: https://youtu.be/hFxLkAuT1iI.


Additional details on the ADVA ALM can be found in this brochure: http://adva.li/alm-brochure.



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