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Triage Services acquire Freshteam to provide full end to end services to clients

by david.nunes

Triage Services acquire Freshteam to provide full end to end services to clients

Triage now able to offer solutions combining implementation and IT repair & refurbishment services across the retail, hospitality and banking sectors

January 23rd 2012 – Waitrose has signed a contract with Triage Services for provision of new branch implementation services.

Triage Services are probably best known for their long standing experience of quality IT repair within the retail, hospitality and banking industry over the last 14 years. After acquiring Freshteam Services at the end of November, the company now has a strong business model offering full end to end services to all existing and future clients. Their well established portfolio includes clients such as Fujitsu, Computacenter, Getronics, Payzone, 2E2, TNT and Assurant Solutions to name a few.

Freshteam Services held many years’ experience of implementation work within the retail and banking industry. Clients included Waitrose, Fujitsu, Tesco, BHS, Barclays, Lloyds TSB, HSBC, Co-Operative Bank, Your cash, IKEA to name just a few. A wide range of implementation services were carried out for all clients including pre-staging (ATM’s & POS), on site building works for new installs & relocations, logistics and implementation of all equipment. The combination of implementation and IT repair / refurbishment services puts Triage in a full end to end service category which makes Triage an even stronger retail and banking solution to all current and prospect clients.

More and more clients are looking to deal with one supplier to carry out such end to end tasks and projects. It can be difficult at times to locate a quality company with the relevant experience to carry out the full project piece. With Triage Services now offer pre-staging, implementation, weigh scale verification, repair and refurbishment on all retail and ATM equipment.

Triage Services have a quality portfolio of clients, most of which are well established relationships. Fujitsu has been a long standing large client of both Triage Services and Freshteam, the services are now extended from IT repair to include implementation work under Triage Services and they will continue to develop and build upon these existing contracts. The Triage Services family has extended and continues to strengthen and provide top quality service to all clients on an extended level.

Previously Freshteam Services offered Fujitsu product pre-staging facilities, warehousing, Project Management and engineering services. These services were obtained and provided over a long period of time. Triage Services are Gold accredited for return to base warranties, a service which is provided to Fujitsu. The new Triage family are looking forward to offering extended services and continuing a long a fruitful relationship with such a key client.

Waitrose have worked with Freshteam Services indirectly for several years on in-branch implementation activities and more recently via a direct relationship. They are delighted to extend that relationship to Triage Services and welcome the changes and advanced offering the business can now provide. With the skill set and experience transferred from Freshteam Services the client continues to receive excellent service under Triage Services. Triage Services and Waitrose are looking forward to a long relationship with quality service provided.

Waitrose Implementation Systems Team Manager said “We look forward to the new relationship with Triage and welcome the changes and advanced offering the business can now provide. We are confident they will continue to deliver an excellent service.”

Freshteam Services provided implementation services to Waitrose as both a sub contractor and as a direct contractor developing the relationship over several years. Throughout this time the quality of service levels has been consistent and fully meeting Waitrose expectations and requirements for each piece of work. The company was limited to implementations as a direct service although they did source and provide additional works for all clients such as IT repairs and refurbishments.

Triage Services MD, Colin Mackrill said “The extension of the services we can now offer to all our clients is exciting times for the company. We see this acquisition as a way to provide all the services required to our clients under one direct contact and relationship. We aim to maintain the quality of service which has been provided by both companies under our new business model.”

Triage Services head office is based in Stevenage with IT repair locations in Houghton Regis, Manchester and Wokingham and now also warehousing / pre-staging premises in Stevenage. Triage Services offer a nationwide service for both implementation and IT repair services.


Further information can be obtained from:
Colin Mackrill,
Managing Director,
Triage Services
Phone: +44 1438 213000
Email: mackrillc[at]triage-services[dot]com
Web: www.triage-services.com


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