Trident Microsystems selects Cryptography Research

for pay TV security

Trident’s new TSC100 TM family of SoCs to include CryptoFirewall TM technology from Cryptography Research

San Francisco, California and IBC 2011September 8, 2011— Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI), a division of Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS), today announced that Trident Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRID), a leading provider of set-top box (STB) and TV semiconductor solutions, has integrated CRI’s CryptoFirewall
TM security technology into Trident’s new TSC100 family of STB System on Chip (SoCs). The advanced security measures provide a hardware foundation for conditional access and rights management systems in set top boxes using the Trident TSC100 family of STB SoCs.
“The advanced security protection provided in our solutions is a strategic differentiator for Trident,” said Mark Samuel, senior vice president and general manager of Trident Microsystems’ set-top box business unit. “As high-value digital content becomes more pervasive, it is critical to develop dedicated STB solutions to counter piracy in the pay TV markets.”
The Trident TSC100 family, unveiled at IBC 2011, is part of Trident’s new generation of high-performance set-top box system-on-a-chip (SoCs) designed for the worldwide satellite, cable and IPTV markets. Trident has integrated CRI’s CryptoFirewall security core to provide conditional access companies and operators with robust hardware-level protection against tampering and emulation. The CryptoFirewall core is an on-chip, hardware-based security block that protects cryptographic keys and computations from attack. Successfully deployed in over 100 million devices, CryptoFirewall has helped eliminate signal theft in some of the world’s highest-threat environments. The CryptoFirewall core can prevent the theft of pay TV broadcast signals, simplify compliance with content owners’ anti-piracy requirements, and streamline product development.
“Trident has developed an impressive platform of semiconductor solutions for digital televisions and set-top boxes to transform the consumer experience,” said Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist for CRI. “Implementing our CryptoFirewall security hardware into Trident chips provides a hardware foundation that conditional access and security solutions can leverage for securing content delivery.”
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Trident Microsystems, Inc., with headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, is a leading force in the digital home entertainment market, delivering an extensive range of platform solutions that enhance the consumer experience in the connected home. As one of the top three semiconductor providers to both the TV and set-top box markets, Trident’s solutions can be found in the products of leading OEMs and channel partners worldwide. The company’s extensive IP portfolio has been driving key innovations in image quality, 3D TV, low power consumption, and 45nm designs. The word mark “Trident”, the Trident logo and TSC100 are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Trident Microsystems in the United States or other countries. For further information about Trident and its products, please consult the company’s web site: <>
About Cryptography Research, Inc.
Cryptography Research, Inc. (CRI), a division of Rambus Inc., is a leader in semiconductor security research and development. Established by internationally renowned cryptographer Paul Kocher, CRI develops and licenses innovative technologies in areas including tamper resistance, content protection, anti-counterfeiting, network security, and financial services. Over five billion security products are made each year under license from CRI.  Security systems designed by CRI scientists and engineers protect hundreds of billions of dollars in commerce annually. Additional information is available at <>