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Trimble Enhances Its FieldMaster Mobile Suite To Give Supervisors Visibility Into Their Service Organisation Remotely

by david.nunes

Trimble Enhances Its FieldMaster Mobile Suite To Give Supervisors Visibility Into Their Service Organisation Remotely


IPSWICH, UK, 9 June, 2015Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the addition of a Supervisor app to its FieldMaster suite of mobile applications. The latest addition to the suite is designed to help managers stay efficient and effective on the go by empowering them to do more work in the field and manage their day-to-day operations remotely. With the FieldMaster Supervisor app, managers can leave the office and still have visibility into their fleet and mobile workers from their smartphone or tablet.

“Mobility is an increasingly valuable tool for field service organisations,” said John Cameron, general manager of Trimble’s Field Service Management (FSM) Division. “It allows a traditional office role to move into the field and still access up-to-date information about the performance of the field operation. The result is a more effective operation where managers in the field have the information they need at their fingertips.”

“I’m often meeting with customers or surveying a job so it’s important for me to know my technicians’ location,” says Dave Rowan, manager of Del-Mar Doors. “I use FieldMaster Supervisor whenever I’m on the road. I can open the app and see where my team is, where they’ve been and how long they’ve been at each location .Having quick access to this information has improved my efficiency and productivity. FieldMaster Supervisor is an excellent tool.”

FieldMaster Supervisor is available with Trimble Fleet Management and Trimble Work Management solutions.

Key features include:

·         Viewing all locations of your entire team on a map

·         Seeing each team member’s job progress, including tasks at risk

·         Finding the nearest worker to another team member or customer

·         Navigating to key locations using turn-by-turn directions

·         Inspecting job performance and documenting status in the field

·         Receiving important vehicle and driver performance alerts in real-time

FieldMaster mobile applications are a core component of FSM’s integrated suite of field service management solutions that includes Fleet Management, Work Management and Driver Safety. FieldMaster also includes a Technician app which is an advanced collaboration tool for mobile technicians that allows them to receive, access and update job information in real-time for improved effectiveness on the job.

FieldMaster mobile applications are available from the Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store. For more information, visit www.trimble.com/fsm/mobile.apps.

About Trimble Field Service Management Division

The Trimble Field Service Management Division provides visibility into field and fleet operations so businesses can streamline efficiency and increase productivity. The Field Service Management suite includes fleet management, work management and scheduling, worker safety and mobility solutions that transform the effectiveness of work, workers and assets in the field. The cloud-based portfolio allows Trimble to offer to customers industry-specific, enterprise-level solutions for exceptional performance and ease of use.

For more information, visit www.trimble.com/fsm.

About Trimble


Trimble applies technology to make field and mobile workers in businesses and government significantly more productive. Solutions are focused on applications requiring position or location—including surveying, construction, agriculture, fleet and asset management, public safety and mapping. In addition to utilising positioning technologies, such as GPS, lasers and optics, Trimble solutions may include software content specific to the needs of the user. Wireless technologies are utilised to deliver the solution to the user and to ensure a tight coupling of the field and the back office. Founded in 1978, Trimble is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif.

For more information, visit: www.trimble.com.

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