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Trojan Electronics selected by the LSEG to spearhead UK economy

by david.nunes

Trojan Electronics selected by the LSEG to spearhead UK economy

A Welsh company which specialises in online ecommerce marketplace services, as well as offering returns management and refurbishment services is being celebrated as one of a thousand inspiring SMEs in the UK, as voted by the London Stock Exchange Group.

Trojan Electronics, based in Swansea is one of the UK’s leading providers of turnkey product refurbishment and distribution services. Working with many leading consumer brands, including Tesco and Argos, Trojan has grown through their adaptability in taking advantage of marketplace sales. With new research from Verdict reporting that e-retail will grow by almost 50%, to be worth over £50bn by 2018, building a truly multichannel business is now imperative. Trojan is embracing this growing market by managing a plethora of brands and online stores, selling a variety of products in a number of categories, including fashion, electronics, home and garden and mobile.

Trojan’s inclusion in the top 1000 list, published by the London Stock Exchange Group recognises the firm’s commitment to innovation and its ability to help spearhead the growth of the UK economy. Trojan’s Managing Director, Clive Murphy sees the list as a way of inspiring UK business and industry:

“In just eleven years, Trojan has become a market leader, and we partner with some of the world’s biggest manufacturers and well-known brands. The London Stock Exchange Top 1000 list shines the spotlight on successful businesses in a range of sectors, allowing business owners to take inspiration from companies that are most like their own.

Our inclusion on this list is welcome recognition of the collective expertise and vision of our team. This vision has allowed us to produce consistently high results, and demonstrate market-leading innovation.

To be representing Welsh business as one of 16 companies selected from this region is a proud moment for everyone at Trojan.”

Trojan is expecting a significant increase in turnover for the coming financial year, and Murphy is confident this growth will result in the creation of a further 100 jobs over the next two years.

Well-respected think tank, Nesta claimed the companies on the Top 1000 list represent the “vital six per cent” of small and medium-sized enterprises in the UK, while the London Stock Exchange Group describes these companies as ‘the lifeblood of the UK economy’.

The London Stock Exchange hopes to raise awareness of the success stories shown by the companies it has selected. The Top 1000 list celebrates a number of key performance indicators, including the creation of jobs during the financial crisis, long-term growth and number of filed patents.

Unlike other rankings of fast-growing SMEs, the Top 1000 list focuses on attributes which display best practice for success and growth, not just an indication of market position or short term revenue.

97 industries are represented in the list, with a 79% average revenue growth over the last year and £37.1m average revenue. Although Wales ranked 8 out of the 12 regions represented, Welsh revenue was the third highest in 2012-13 at £38.4m, suggesting the region has the right people, and the right skills to contribute significantly to the strength of the UK economy.

While Xavier Rolet, CEO of London Stock Exchange acknowledges that the Top 1000 list is not exhaustive, his organisation has achieved something unique and, potentially very valuable for the growth of industry in this country.

By raising the profile of companies which have shown the vital signs of sustained business growth, he hopes to dispel certain myths about the British economy. At the same time, it is hoped that the Top 1000 list will inspire many other existing and new companies to grow and succeed.

As a member of this exclusive club, and a strong advocate for the sharing of knowledge and best practice, Trojan has a unique challenge. It is one of a thousand leading global companies with the credentials – and now the credibility – to demonstrate, on the world stage what UK business and industry have to offer.

About Trojan Electronics

Established in 2002, Trojan has become one of the leading product repair and refurbishment companies in the UK and partner some of the largest manufacturers and retailers in the world.

We provide a comprehensive range of solutions for both manufacturers and retailers in the handling of customer returns, trade in schemes & product re-works or upgrades. Our emphasis on turning liabilities to assets ensures that we can achieve our aim of providing the maximum return to our clients and that Trojan is able to deliver industry leading results. Trojan has a multi channel sales approach including auction, B2B & B2C and can utilise any or all of these channels to ensure that the maximum asset recovery is achieved for our clients. We have the ability to successfully create, maintain and manage a white labelled Outlet store on eBay which boasts the best feedback and ‘customer experience’ amongst similar stores, Trojan have the facilities, capabilities and functionality to implement similar B2C sales channels, white labelled if desired, on various platforms with emphasis on the maximum financial return achieve.

Our electronics sub contract manufacturing division continues to grow with an ever expanding product portfolio over many industry sectors including medical, security, telecoms, automotive, manufacturing control systems, lighting, and many more. Specialising in small to medium size production runs we offer a range of services from assembly only to full turnkey supply, build, test and distribution.


About LSEG Report

London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain: a landmark report that identifies 1,000 of the most exciting and dynamic small and medium-sized companies in the UK.

The selection criteria requires companies to have shown growing revenue in at least three of the past four years, but also to have outperformed their sector peers. And not just in terms of revenue, but either by growth in employee numbers, work space occupied or number of filed patents. We are looking for the innovators of tomorrow.

The report does not rank the 1,000 companies; not least because such a list is out of date the moment it is published. Also, it is easily skewed by the time period chosen or the choice of financial benchmark, and it has an inbuilt bias towards industries that are on the up at the time the research is carried out. The list is not exhaustive, but it shines a light on some of the UK’s most vibrant companies. While the UK is not back to full economic strength, these 1,000 companies are proof of all that the country has to offer.


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