Trustonic forms a global partnership with Samsung to provide class leading device security for mobile operators


This partnership enables mobile operators to drive new revenue streams across Samsung’s smartphones

London, UK – Today, UK-based Trustonic announces a strategic partnership with the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to better serve their mutual partners and customers. This multi-year deal will lead to the integration of Trustonic’s security platform with Samsung’s device-embedded Knox security platform. This creates a single-cloud solution for mobile operators and distributors to manage and protect their Samsung smartphones and tablets throughout the supply chain. Trustonic’s platform also enables innovative financial services to be deployed by mobile operators to drive new revenue growth. Samsung and Trustonic have both agreed to collaborate on commercial and go-to-market activities globally.

Mobile operators are facing mounting pressures on revenue and margins, while increasing investment in 5G rollouts as well as balancing a complex regulatory environment. Mobile devices are increasingly valuable, and there is a growing requirement for subsidies and funding; the devices themselves are also a target for theft and fraudulent activity. Critically, this strategic partnership results in a premium solution which allows mobile operators to improve financial performance by preventing fraud across the device portfolio, while increasing revenues through device financing, protecting device subsidies and growing their subscriber base.

“This is a critical partnership that meets the demands of our mobile operator customers,” commented Dion Price, CEO Trustonic. “As the choice in smartphones increases, so does the need for secure device financing solutions. Trustonic’s solution provides mobile operators the opportunity to increase adoption of device financing options across Samsung’s smartphones within their Android portfolio.”

Trustonic’s solution provides a single cloud platform that supports multiple use cases from hardware (TEE*) backed device lock, securing devices in the supply chain to device financing for mobile operators. The platform puts control and management of the solution into the hands of the mobile operator. It is used by some of the world largest mobile operators and manages over 70m devices and counting.

Samsung Knox provides a combination of a proven security foundation built into Samsung devices and mature suite of solutions leveraging this platform. It is built into Samsung devices, securing them from the moment you unpack and turn them on. It provides multi-layered hardware and software security features that are always enabled.

Trustonic’s platform ensures device financing solutions are easy to deploy, and within the reach of more customer globally, whilst ensuring mobile operators can protect their investment from revenue losses as a result of fraud.  As a world’s leading cyber security business our technology platforms help secure applications, protecting users, data and privacy as well being used to secure automobiles and smartphone devices.


*Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

A TEE is a hardware-based security enclave of the main processor in a smart phone (or any connected device) that ensures sensitive data is stored, processed and protected in an isolated, trusted environment. The TEE’s ability to offer isolated safe execution of authorised security software, known as ‘trusted applications’, enables it to provide end-to-end security by enforcing data protection, confidentiality, integrity and access rights and interfacing securely with end-users. The TEE offers a level of protection against mass scale attacks originated from the main Rich OS environment.


About Trustonic

Trustonic is a world leader in hardware-backed mobile device security and app protection, and secures a range of mission critical in-vehicle systems. The company is headquartered in Cambridge UK and has offices spanning seven international locations, with over 100 employees worldwide.

Our patented hardware-backed security platform is embedded in approximately 2 billion devices and we count the world’s leading car manufacturers, financial institutions and mobile operators as our customers, as well as every Tier-1 Android handset manufacturer.

Created initially from a joint venture between Arm and Gemalto, Trustonic is now an EMK Capital portfolio company. | Twitter | LinkedIn



BLOG: Helping MNOs to maximize revenues & protect margins for Android portfolios

Today, we unveiled our strategic partnership with Samsung to empower mobile network operators (MNOs) and the wider telco ecosystem to curb losses and grow revenues. For us, this marks a key milestone for our MNO device security platform, but this is significant for our partners and customers – they now have a single console to manage their entire Android portfolio.

Lets put the deal in context:


MNOs – managing revenue assurance for financial growth

Mobile operators face mounting pressures on revenue and margins. The global pandemic has seen retail operations disrupted, consumers defaulting on payments, non-existent customer acquisition, and surging fraud. All this has compounded already squeezed margins.

In parallel, they are managing increasing investment in 5G rollouts as well as balancing a complex regulatory environment. Mobile devices are also increasingly valuable, driving the need for subsidies and funding, and making the devices themselves even more appealing for theft and fraudulent activity.


Out of date device and revenue management tools

In working to mitigate revenue shrinkage and grow revenues, many MNOs currently have little to work with. From a device lock / unlock perspective, manual unlock codes are severely limited. They do not protect devices pre-activation which is why we see large-scale theft in the supply chain. They are also easy to hack, are frustrating for consumers and expensive to administer for the MNOs.

Thinking about debt management, the current approach of text messages and calls from customer care is not working, alienates customers and is, again, expensive for MNOs. And even when carriers do decide to cut customers off or ‘lock’ phones when they are lost or stolen, IMEI blacklists are easily circumvented by moving devices to other countries.

A single platform to manage entire Android portfolios

In recent years, Trustonic and Samsung have been working in parallel to address many of these challenges for MNOs, by enabling them to manage and protect smartphones and tablets throughout the supply chain. As ever with technology, fragmentation happens before convergence. MNOs have been calling out for a unified solution to manage their entire Android portfolio and, thanks to this strategic partnership, they finally have it.

By integrating our security platform with Samsung’s device-embedded Knox security platform MNOs have a single cloud platform that supports multiple use cases. This ranges from hardware-backed device lock and securing devices in the supply chain through to protecting device subsidies and manage device payments in a more nuanced way.

Better device management for loss prevention & revenue growth

The Trustonic platform enables better management of risk to balance the needs of internal stakeholders. Device teams want to sell more handsets to meet targets, while finance and fraud teams need to proceed with caution. The confidence that is offered by hardware-backed control helps everyone do their jobs.

With greater control over the full android device portfolio, operators can maximize revenues, protect margins. Let’s take a few examples. Revenue growth: the ability to offer contracts to more people who would currently be deemed too risky opens up a broader customer base. Additionally, by having more control over handsets, operators can also lower prices to compete for subscriptions without increasing risk.


To protect margins, operators can now directly engage the customer through on-screen messages and by restricting device functionality to nudge behavior and resolve payment arrears. The ability to put the device beyond all reasonable use provides the additional risk safety net for operators. Organized crime smartphone trafficking is a big problem in some markets; If a palette of devices is stolen, just by providing the IMEI numbers of the devices, we can put the devices beyond use and they have no resale value. Insurance fraud can be eliminated as, again, devices cannot be used if lost, stolen or attempted to be sold on the grey market.

From a customer care point of view, there are benefits here too. No more calls to unlock phones. No more calling customers for payments. These teams can focus on supporting those customer who need it, protecting the brand and retaining customers.

What’s next?

This marks the start of an extremely exciting phase of our growth. Our security platform is already deployed by some of the world largest mobile operators and manages over 70m devices and counting. With an initial commitment of 1m devices, which we will look to scale quickly, we are now collaborating with Samsung on commercial and go to market activities globally to help MNOs to better balance the needs of their businesses to recoup and grow revenues. All without increasing risk.


Learn more about Trustonic’s mobile device platform, please get in touch: [email protected]