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TSF deploys in response to the deadly tsunami in Indonesia

by david.nunes

Late on Monday, a magnitude 7.7 undersea earthquake has struck western Indonesia, causing a deadly tsunami that swept the Mentawai islands off the coast of Sumatra.

A TSF team of telecoms specialists deploys from Bangkok and will land in Padang in order to help to coordinate the response to the disaster.

Waves of up to three metres high hit at least 10 villages. More than 160 people are confirmed dead and about 500 people reported missing. Survivors are in urgent need of help and assistance. Many of them have fled to higher ground.
It is reported that phone lines in the tsunami area are damaged.

Once in Padang, TSF will try to reach the Mentawai Istands as quickly as possible in order to get help to the victims and establish emergency telecoms centers to support the coordination of aid efforts.

Bad weather and rough seas make tough the access to the affected villages on the Mentawai islands.

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