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TSF involved for 6 months in Libya

by david.nunes


February – August 2011


TSF involved for 6 months in Libya


Security is still an important issue within Misrata, forcing NGOs to limit their radius of operations to the city centre. Misrata remains inaccessible by road for humanitarian operations, due to continued fighting in the surrounding areas, so humanitarian personnel and cargo can only reach the town by sea. In this very complex context, the international NGO Hub opened by TSF in collaboration with the NGOs ACTED, Mercy Corps and Cesvi since 23rd June 2011 is a vital asset for international NGOs working in the besieged town.



11 international humanitarian NGOs regularly use the NGO Hub (ICRC, CESVI, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, ACTED, IRD, JMACT, DCA, ACF, IOM, MAG).

Every day, an average of 33 humanitarian workers use the IT equipment and the broadband satellite connection to coordinate their actions, converse with their headquarters, send emails and situation reports or to print documents. The NGOs also organize their meetings within the Hub.


Testimonials of the beneficiaries of the international NGO Hub:


“TSF, thanks for your support! The Internet is up and running 24/7”.


Paul Boncz, JMACT


“The HUB is very good, good Internet access, good services. No complaints”.


Rikke Gomesen, Save The Children


For several days, numerous observers have mentioned a rapid advance of rebel forces over Tripoli. As the net tightens on the Libyan capital, the TSF teams remain on standby, ready to deploy to other sites to help victims of the conflict.


For 6 months, in response to the Libyan crisis, TSF has intervened to the benefit of affected populations and the NGOs working to help them.


TSF first deployed on 23rd  February 2011 to the Chucha transit camp, on the Libyan border, to offer free international calls to refugees fleeing the unrest in Libya. TSF has also assisted the humanitarian community by setting up internet connections using broadband satellite equipment and networking equipment at the Ras Ejdir border post and in Chucha camp, and by providing IT support for relief workers who needed help. The


The TSF teams entered Libya, in Benghazi, on 13th April 2011, and conducted humanitarian calling operations to the benefit of affected populations. Then, in collaboration with the NGO ACTED, the TSF team created a humanitarian NGO Hub providing broadband satellite connections and IT equipment to humanitarian workers in the area. To date, the connection is still active.



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