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TSL Education connects more than 47 million teachers and students globally

by david.nunes

TSL Education connects more than 47 million teachers and students globally

LONDON, March 18, 2013 – TSL Education today announced that its free education resource-sharing websites www.tesconnect.com, www.tesindia.com and www.sharemylesson.com now connect more than 47 million teachers and students globally and are growing by more than 300,000 every week.

These figures were obtained following extensive, detailed research by the company, which involved responses from an unprecedented 275,000 teacher members of TES websites across the world.

The company continues to extend its global reach following successful launches in the United States with Share My Lesson and TES India in 2012, and with the announcement of the launch of TES Australia in 2013. This also involves the company opening new offices in Washington D.C, New Delhi and Sydney.

TES Connect has now become a huge global phenomenon approaching 150 million downloads of its resources annually with members in 197 countries. In January 2013 alone, there were 14.5 million resources downloaded, with teachers increasingly visiting the site on a daily basis to plan their lessons, and share ideas with teachers the world over. And they are not just downloading resources – they are sharing them too, with over 580,000 free resources now available on the site.

Rajbir Nandhra, a science teacher from Wolverhampton, UK said, “I log on to TES at least 2-3 times a day. It’s a very rare occasion when I have to go somewhere other than TES to do research now.”

Brittney Green, a mathematics teacher from Columbus, Ohio in the USA explained: “The reason I really like TES is because in my classroom I don’t use textbooks. I find textbooks don’t understand the in-depth learning of every student. TES helps me develop my own curriculum. This way I can teach my students in the best way possible to fit their needs and make it fun and engaging at the same time.”

Louise Rogers, CEO of TSL Education, said, “We passionately believe in equality of access to the highest-quality teaching resources for every child. With more than 80 million professionals working in education, teaching is now the world’s single-largest profession. Despite its size and importance, teachers universally face common constraints; limited budgets, dated materials, changing education requirements and minimal support in the classroom. But teachers themselves are now taking action to change this: in their millions, they are now sharing their resources and experiences online, resulting in an unprecedented flow of freely accessible material. Teachers across the world from rural India to inner-city Brazil can visit a TES website and have access to hundreds of thousands of free resources created by teachers for teachers. We are very proud to be at the centre of this global phenomenon and the fact we connect more than 47 million teachers and students globally is a huge endorsement of our brand and investments in education.”

About TSL Education

TSL Education exists to drive up standards of education by putting the right teachers in the right jobs and giving them the tools to be the very best that they can be. Operating under the belief that teachers are the single most important influence on a child’s education, TSL Education strives to pool the vast knowledge, experience and creativity of teachers by giving them the ability to review and share the best resources to improve lessons, saving teachers valuable prep time and maximising learning for all.




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