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Tubetime integrates Civolution’s SyncNow Ad Identification for its All-In-One TV App Ecosystem

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Tubetime integrates Civolution’s SyncNow Ad Identification for its All-In-One TV App Ecosystem

Canadian TV companion application to trigger synchronized ads in real time with television broadcasts

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, April 3, 2013 – Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing content, today announces its integration by Tubetime, the entertainment technology company that brings TV viewers a fun, simple and rich viewing experience with an all-in-one television-companion app.

Civolution will provide Tubetime with access to its SyncNow real-time Ad Identification service, which will allow the Tubetime app to synchronize with on-air advertisements. Tubetime’s marketing partners will thereby be able to trigger, in real-time, targeted complementary advertising content across all iOS devices, Android to follow shortly, opening up new opportunities for brands, ad agencies and publishers to extend their on-air marketing messages throughout Canada.

“Incorporating our SyncNow solution into Tubetime’s all-in-one television companion app moves the industry one step closer to the fully connected, interactive living room of the future,” said Alex Terpstra, CEO, Civolution. “We’re pleased that Tubetime recognized Civolution’s ad identification and triggering services as best of breed, and we’re excited to see Tubetime’s advertising partners put the complementary digital inventory to new creative uses.”

According to recent research consumer behavior is changing, the new multitasking habits have influenced the TV ritual of a growing number of viewers: the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) states that 50% of Canadians have a second-screen device at hand most of the time while watching TV. Civolution’s SyncNow ad identification service, powered by the company’s best-of-breed automatic content recognition technology, instantly recognizes TV commercials in real time across Civolution’s extensive broadcast monitoring infrastructure, allowing TV advertisers to expand beyond the 30-second ad spot.  Combined with changing consumer behavior, partnerships between TV companion applications – such as Tubetime – and content identification and triggering technology – such as Civolution’s SyncNow – stand to propel the marketing reach and power of television to new heights.

“When we approached the idea of adding ad recognition and automatic content triggering to Tubetime, Civolution rose to the top of our list due to the robustness of its monitoring network, and ease of integration,” said Marc Belanger, CEO of Tubetime. “In conjunction with our Connector hardware and fully featured software, SyncNow’s ad recognition and content triggering will allow our marketing partners to unlock the true power of digital in conjunction with the traditionally analog television ad space.”

Civolution’s award-winning media interaction solution, SyncNow, already powers sync for a range of 2nd screen consumer applications for movie and show producers, broadcasters, 2nd screen platform providers and advertisers worldwide.


About Civolution

Civolution (www.civolution.com) is the leading provider of technology and solutions to identify, manage and monetize media content. The company offers an extensive portfolio of cutting edge digital watermarking and fingerprinting applications for media interaction (accurate and real-time video synchronization for 2nd screen and smart TVs), media intelligence (audience measurement and media monitoring for television, radio and internet) and media protection (content filtering and forensic marking of media assets in pre-release, digital cinema, payTV and online). Follow us on Twitter: @Civolution.

About Tubetime

Tubetime (www.tubetime.com) is all about bringing TV viewers a fun, simple and interactive second screen TV experience through a customized channel guide, exclusive content and a universal remote control. TV show producers, sponsors and networks alike can also access the Tubetime platform to deliver customized interactivity in real-time, directly to their audiences. Follow us on Twitter: @Tubetime.

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