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Tumi teams with ZOMM to create ‘Powered by ZOMM’ Bluetooth Smart Key Fob

by david.nunes

TUMI teams with ZOMM to create “powered by

zomm” TUMI bluetooth SMART KEY FOB


 TULSA, Okla, LONDON, UK (October 31, 2011) – ZOMM, LLC (www.zomm.co.uk), a leading global technology company and developer of the world’s first Wireless Leash for mobile phones, announces its partnership with TUMI in creating a “Powered By ZOMM” TUMI Bluetooth® Smart Key Fob. TUMI, a leader in premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories, will offer the new TUMI Bluetooth Smart Key Fob in its retail outlets worldwide and at TUMI.com in October 2011.


“With a focus on smart technologies that compliment and enhance mobile phones, smart pads and other mobile devices, ZOMM is constantly evaluating potential partners with similar vision and commitment to excellence, further growing our brand,” said Henry Penix, CEO of ZOMM, LLC. “TUMI, a world-class brand and market leader, representing a commitment to functional superiority, technical innovation and best-in-class quality is an ideal partner to introduce a “Powered by ZOMM” technology.

The keychain-sized TUMI Bluetooth Smart Key Fob prevents users from losing or misplacing their mobile phone by vibrating, flashing lights and sounding an alarm when they separate from it. With added features of call notification, a fully functional speakerphone for hands-free communication and emergency-services calling capabilities, the new TUMI Smart Key Fob, as Powered by ZOMM, is the ultimate multi-functional accessory for any Bluetooth-enabled phone. 


The TUMI Bluetooth Smart Key Fob has a unique gunmetal finish and red lights that complement the TUMI line of high quality travel and lifestyle accessories.


The TUMI Bluetooth Smart Key Fob comes with a unique clasp that can be quickly attached to the matching key ring or attached to a bag or purse. It also comes with a short micro-USB cable that is used for charging and to obtain free updates online. An in depth quick start guide is included as well.


Upon winning a best of innovations award at the world’s largest electronic show for creating the world’s first Wireless Leash for mobile phones, ZOMM has been rapidly expanding its product line, global presence and technology applications. For more information about ZOMM, its products, technology and executive team, visit www.zomm.com. 


 About ZOMM, LLC
ZOMM, LLC is a global technology company that enhances lives through technology.  Its first product, ZOMM Wireless Leash, won a Best of Innovations award at the 2010 Consumer Electronic Show, was one of two finalist for the 2011 Bluetooth SIG’s best of CES Award and has been named a 2011 CTIA Emerging Tech Award Finalist. ZOMM has since received over 500 million media impressions worldwide, including coverage on leading broadcast stations and featured in over 1000 magazines and newspapers. Its executive team includes legendary seasoned leaders in business, technology, marketing and finance. ZOMM’s mission to enhance lives through technology is now being realized as new products and services are introduced to the world. ZOMM is headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., with offices in Kirkland, Wash, distribution in Okla., Innsbruck, Austria and China, sales offices in Germany and London, and distribution partners in South Africa, France, Switzerland and Austria. For more information about ZOMM, please visit www.zomm.com.


About TUMI 

TUMI is the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories. TUMI’s heritage of design excellence is one that appeals to the world’s most sophisticated and demanding consumers who choose only the best international brands to complement their unique lifestyles. TUMI’s collections reflect the skilled ability of the brand to blend style, function and premium quality in a modern and performance-focused manner. The brand is sold in more than 140 stores from New York to Paris to London and Tokyo as well as the world’s top department and specialty stores in more than 65 countries. TUMI’s success over the past three decades can be traced to its continual focus on its founding principles of design excellence, functional superiority, technical innovation, best-in-class quality and outstanding service.



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