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Tweakker and Mobilethink Saved Mobile Operators $63 Million in Care Costs in 2017

by Desmond Dallen

Tweakker and Mobilethink Saved Mobile Operators $63 Million in Care Costs in 2017

Device intelligence market leaders Tweakker and Mobilethink’s issues annual device intelligence report covering 2017; online support solutions saved the telecom industry a collective $63 million in 2017; increasing number of mobile operators moved care out of brick walls to the cloud, slashing human assisted queries by 30%

The year 2017 was yet another transformational year for the telecom industry. It saw operators undertake numerous network upgrades in the relentless chase to add more connectivity and faster data speeds, and the year also saw an overload of new handset models flooding operators’ networks.

Over 200 operators trusted Tweakker and Mobilethink’s solutions in 2017, slashing operators’ high operational costs and by giving over 400 million end-users seamless network onboarding, engagement and support.

2107 Highlights

–        –   Today’s always-on customers demand fast data speeds and 2017 saw 25% more mobile operators offering LTE services compared with the previous year.

–         – With as much as one in five mobile handsets being counterfeit devices in use across the world’s mobile networks Mobilethink’s unique algorithm continued to be instrumental for operators in 2107 in detecting and configuring unwanted handset

– T  – The mobile handset market continued to be a highly competitive space with manufacturers focusing on developing ultra-premium devices. While 57.2% of smartphone shipments were high-end handsets, featured phones made a comeback in 2017 accounting for up to 35% of OEMs revenues.

– With over three times more VoLTE subscriptions than in 2016, the number of VoLTE capable handsets grew 30% in the last three months of 2017 to 1,300 devices

– Tweakker and Mobilethink’s self-service solution again raised the bar in customer service. Moving care out of brick walls to the cloud, operators slashed human assisted queries by 30% and saved a collective $63 million in operational costs

– The increase in low-end phones priced below $ USD 100 joining operators’ networks, MVNOs abilities in securing successful device connectivity setups and supporting subscribers troubleshoot their devices were hampered

“In today’s telecom world depicted by tight margins and aggressive customer acquisition campaigns, more than 60% of mobile users still see no clear differentiator between service providers beyond price,” says Pierre Hagendorf, Tweakker and Mobilethink’s CEO. “Operators need to step up to the plate and deliver better customer engagement and retention programs which can be achieved cost-effectively by leveraging advanced cloud technologies.”

The full annual review can be downloaded from Mobilethink’s and Tweakker’s websites. Visit:

–          https://www.mobilethink.com/downloads/di-review-17/

–          https://www.tweakker.com/downloads/review-2017/

About Tweakker

Mobilethink Holdings is the corporate structure behind two leading brands of the mobile B2B industry. Mobilethink presents the most-comprehensive mobile operator-centric device intelligence management suite for device management, customer engagement and smartphone support to boost data uptake, drive greater customer lifetime value and reduce customer care costs. Tweakker, now the trusted business partner of over 100 MVNOs worldwide, is the market leader in MVNO connectivity, online customer care, automatic subscriber onboarding and customer engagement automation solutions.

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