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Tweakker Connects 500,000 Users to the Internet in Just 4 Months

by david.nunes

Copenhagen, 13th September, 2010: Mobile Internet connectivity leader Tweakker A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark today announces that it has shot through its first target milestone since launching a new Over-the-Air Application Programming Interface (API) service in May 2010.

At September 1, more than 500,000 people had used Tweakker’s API to connect their mobile phones to the Internet saving mobile operator customers an estimated $4.75 million in customer care calls in the process. The API also enables mobile users to successfully subscribe and use new mobile services on offer thus generating more revenues for Tweakker’s content provider customers.

The mobile industry loses an estimated $10 billion each year in lost revenues and increasing customer care costs. Every time a mobile customer calls for support, it slashes up to $10 off average revenues per user (ARPU) and with the increasing complexity that Smartphones bring to the market, customer care costs can only increase. The cost of using Tweakker’s online API service is just $0.50 cents per customer … mobile network providers save $9.5 per customer care call simply by subscribing to Tweakker’s API service.

Tweakker’s API is disruptive technology. As the lowest cost Over-the-Air (OTA) solution on today’s market, it offers the mobile customers of MVNOs, service providers and web content providers instant access to its unique configuration engine at any time from any location.

More than 10,000 phone model variations and 2,200 OTA-enabled phone models are currently supported by the API … a figure that increases each month as new phone models are launched into the market. No other mobile connectivity company provides such support.

The API also provides online mobile guides in more than 30 languages and coverage now spans 114 countries and the networks of more than 350 mobile operators. All phones supported by Tweakker’s API service are tested and certified for OTA configuration in-house.

MVNOs, service providers and content providers buy access to Tweakker’s API and develop a web service interface and bolt it on to their websites for seamless customer care. As a result, Tweakker’s customers provide a better customer care service compared with call centres at vastly reduced cost.

“The first 500,000 mobile-user milestone for Tweakker’s Over-the-Air connectivity service has been achieved in just a handful of months,” says Tweakker’s business manager, Dennis Juul Poulsen. He adds: “We confidently expect that figure to grow to more than 1 million before year-end as more mobile and content providers subscribe to our API, saving themselves millions of dollars in customer care costs as a direct result.”


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