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Tweakker in Chinese Connectivity Drive

by david.nunes

Tweakker in Chinese Connectivity Drive

Indicative of its focus on developing demand for its unique connectivity app in the Chinese market, Tweakker (www.tweakker.com) today announces that it has opened a new business operation in Shenzhen, China and appointed a local general manager to direct and build the operation.

The local operation has two objectives – firstly, promote and upsell Tweakker’s connectivity app to smartphone manufacturers and have them embed the app in their new smartphone builds. The second is to leverage Tweakker’s success with mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in mature markets such as Europe and the US and to develop supply contracts with the plus 25 Chinese MVNOs now coming to market.

According to China’s Ministry of Industry, there will be eight million MVNO subscribers by end 2014 and 50 million by end 2015.

Tweakker is a remarkable story in the mobile business world. Since start up in 2009, it has developed a customer base of over 100 MVNOs and smartphone manufacturers and connected over 100 million devices via its cloud connectivity service.

On the technology front, it has successfully applied for an international patent for its connectivity and Over-the-Air (OTA) cloud service, rolled out device guides to speed up call centre support and slash their business costs and continued to build its database of mobile phones, now the largest in the world.

The trend to adopt Tweakker’s patented technology can only increase as the Internet of Things (IoT) market develops to connect over 30 billion devices by 2020.

The move to develop supply contacts with Tweakker is also coming from tablet manufacturers with a number of tier one firms currently undertaking pilots in Europe.

“Tweakker’s journey is developing rapidly and we expect our new Chinese office to be the powerhouse behind growth in that market as well,” says Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakker’s CEO. “In the past months, we have enlarged our business development, sales and technical staff to service our growing business and these added resources will be key to realizing our ambition to become the connectivity supplier-of-choice to handset manufacturers and MVNOs world-wide, and to firmly stamp our footprint in the developing Internet of Things market.”

About Tweakker

Tweakker provides more than 100 MVNOs and device manufacturers with revenue generating and customer care mobile solutions. Over 100 million devices have been connected using Tweakker’s patented technology. By enabling customers to have immediate, problem-free access to a network from power up, users can immediately enjoy the full functionality of their new or replacement phones. As a result, pick up of new Internet services increases on average threefold and customer care costs are reduced by up to 90%. Visit www.tweakker.com for more information.

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