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Twiston Davies honoured with Chairman’s Award

by david.nunes

Twiston Davies honoured with Chairman’s Award

Hong Kong, October 31, 2012 – Out-going CASBAA CEO Simon Twiston Davies has been honoured with the Annual CASBAA Chairman’s Award during the final day of the CASBAA Convention 2012 in Hong Kong.

Twiston Davies will step down from his current role on December 31st and will be succeeded by a new management team lead by in-coming CEO Christopher Slaughter.

“Under Twiston Davies’ management CASBAA has become a central industry voice for the multichannel TV industry across 18 Asia Pacific markets running from Japan to Pakistan; China to Australasia and beyond,” said CASBAA Chairman Marcel Fenez.

“Most importantly, CASBAA has become the ‘Go To’ industry body in Asia if you are a serious multichannel TV player, or want to be one. That is Twiston Davies’ most notable contribution,” said Fenez.

According to Fenez, since taking up his appointment in 2000, Twiston Davies worked tirelessly to emphasize the value of the multichannel TV industry while more than doubling the number of participating CASBAA companies to the 130 Members of the Association of today.

Twiston Davies said he was greatly honoured by the Award which was as much a tribute to the support of the CASBAA Membership since 2000 as it was to successive Executive Office teams.

About CASBAA – casbaa.com

Established in 1991, CASBAA is the Association for digital multichannel TV, content, platforms, advertising and video delivery across Asia. Spanning 18 geographic markets, CASBAA and its Members reach 446 million connections through a footprint ranging from China to Australasia, Japan to Pakistan. The CASBAA mission is to promote the growth of multichannel TV and video content through industry information, networking exchanges and events while promoting global best practices. To view the full list of CASBAA members please visit here.

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