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Two New Members on the Detecon International Executive Board

by david.nunes



Two New Members on the Detecon International Executive Board


Bonn/Eschborn, 05/10/2011. The ICT management consultancy Detecon International has appointed two new members to its Executive Board: Dr. Thomas Siems (45) has assumed direction of the Industry Practice “Industries and Services”, effective immediately, while Dr. Kai Grunert (46) will be taking charge of the Competence Practice “Communications Technology”.


In his position as director of the business unit “Communication Technology”, Dr. Kai Grunert is responsible for all of the worldwide project activities related to planning, installation, and expansion of communications platforms and systems in the sectors fixed and mobile networks, wireless access and distribution, digital trunking, and satellite. After completing his studies in aerospace technology, Grunert first worked at Dornier and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) before earning his doctorate at the Technical University of Berlin; he joined the staff at Detecon in 2000. His professional focus is on strategic telecommunications projects, especially for fixed network access and transport networks in the areas of broadband and Next Generation.


Kai Grunert: “Our current objective is to continue our successes of recent years and expand our international telco business even further. The decision-making parameters at international telecommunications clients are complex and demand our maximum effort in acquisition and project work. Simultaneously, I would like to exploit the valuable driving forces coming from the international markets so that we can build bridges between the differing requirements of our client areas Deutsche Telekom, International Telco, and Industries and Services.”


As head of the unit “Industries and Services”, Thomas Siems will direct all of the national consulting activities in the sectors banking and insurance, automotive, logistics and production, and energy. Before coming to Detecon, the holder of a degree in physics served in various management positions at Capgemini and acted as global account manager for the VW Group. He studied in Cologne, at the Research Center Jülich, and the CERN in Geneva, and in 1998 he earned his doctorate in the field of particle physics.


Thomas Siems: “Here at Detecon, we have a unique profile on the consulting market featuring associates with outstanding qualifications and superb expertise in both classic management consulting – such as strategy and organization – and in the latest technologies. If we are to exploit our growth potential to the full, we must constantly work to orient these capabilities to the present needs of our clients and we must always be completely familiar with the circumstances of each one’s specific situation.”



Detecon International GmbH

Detecon is one of the world’s leading consulting companies for ICT management consulting. Our services focus on consulting and implementation solutions which are derived from the use of information and communications technology (ICT). They encompass classic strategy and organization consulting as well as the planning and implementation of complex, technological ICT architectures and applications. Detecon’s expertise bundles the knowledge from the successful conclusion of management and ICT consulting projects in more than 160 countries. Detecon is a subsidiary of T-Systems International, the key account brand of Deutsche Telekom.


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