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Two Prominent Cybercrime Experts Join PhishLabs

by david.nunes

Two Prominent Cybercrime Experts Join PhishLabs

– Renowned threat researcher Don Jackson and cybersecurity innovator Christopher O’Rourke join the fight against cybercrime.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina, March 19, 2014 PhishLabs, the leading provider of cybercrime protection and intelligence services that fight back against online threats, announces the addition of Don Jackson and Christopher O’Rourke to the fast-growing company. Highly-regarded in cybersecurity and threat research communities, they have joined PhishLabs to help financial institutions and other businesses stop fraud and fight back against cybercriminals.


“I’m very excited to have Don Jackson and Christopher O’Rourke on the team,” said PhishLabs Founder and CEO, John LaCour. “They both bring exceptional expertise and share the same relentless passion for fighting cybercrime that makes us who we are.”

As the discoverer of the Gozi Trojan and an authority on modern banking Trojans such as ZeuS and Citadel, Don Jackson is a highly-regarded leader in the threat intelligence community. He joins PhishLabs from Dell, where he was a senior member of their Counter Threat Unit research team.

“With the rapid growth in criminal-to-criminal services and well-organized cybercrime operations, businesses are at a real disadvantage,” said Don Jackson. “They can’t sit back and wait for the next threat to strike their customers. They need a security partner that is constantly fighting back to deter cybercriminals.”

Christopher O’Rourke joins PhishLabs from AlienVault where he managed the OSSIM product line (Open Source SIEM). Prior to AlienVault, Christopher owned the design and ongoing development of a next generation SIGINT platform for the Department of Defense. At PhishLabs, Christopher will be managing the solution portfolio and driving product strategy.

“Phishing, banking Trojans, denial-of-service, and other online threats have cost businesses billions of dollars in fraud losses, lost productivity and brand damage,” said Christopher O’Rourke. “Our services help businesses implement an aggressive anti-cybercrime strategy to stop these attacks and minimize their financial impact.”

To illustrate this approach, PhishLabs has published a white paper detailing how organizations can fight back against phishing attacks and prevent online fraud. Read the paper, entitled “How to Fight Back against Phishing,” at http://info.phishlabs.com/how-to-stop-phishing-paper.

About PhishLabs

PhishLabs is the leading provider of cybercrime protection and intelligence services that fight back against online threats and reduce the risk posed by phishing, malware, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and other cyber-attacks.

To learn more about PhishLabs, visit www.phishlabs.com or email info@phishlabs.com.

Twitter @phishlabs | LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/phishlabs

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