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Two tech trends that are changing the gambling and gaming industry for the better

by Anthony Weaver

The gaming and gambling industry is changing just like every other industry around us. More technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning are being implemented in systems more than ever before. So what does the future of the gaming industry look like as technology becomes more advanced? 

Tech and software company AXES is using their AI technology to interpret billions of pieces of player, machine, time, and space data to remove fraud, theft and money laundering. Their modernized tech can also prevent addictive gambling and is shifting the narrative of gambling, to one of responsible gaming. 

“The future of gaming is cashless. Right now we are in the “dazed and confused” era of cashless. Ignorance, misinformation and fake news are poisoning the most important quantum leap in the history of land-based gaming. Cashless reminds me of blockchain… it has been marketed and integrated all wrong. Cashless is not a cashless play, It’s a loyalty and engagement strategy. It is not about if casinos will migrate to cashless, but when. Cashless is the single most important innovation in the history of casino gaming and, fortunately only has one success criteria: player engagement, explains Earle Hall, CEO of AXES. 

Hall provides two key trends that will be a part of the future of gaming:

Trend #1: Cashless (KYC)

Integrating KYC (Know Your Customer) cashless allows you to collect all the real-time data necessary to create truly personalized marketing, promotion and rewards experience. Many other B2C industries have already mastered the art of converting KYC into a client-centric, highly engaging experience. If land-based gaming does not do this, the future looks rather bleak.

That’s why AXES is here, the only true cashless company in the land-based gaming Industry and the company was created to do just that. We focused on real-time information, traceability and transaction integrity to ensure that speed, security and availability were at the heart of the axes solution and that requires critical IoT hardware competency to interface with the machines. 

Trend #2: Responsible Gaming

Referring to a set of policies and requirements that have been implemented by the authorities and organizations, responsible gaming will be used to protect people from the potential negative consequences of gaming/ gambling. This responsibility isn’t just on the players but also the gaming organizations, who are expected to establish optimal conditions and a safe environment for gambling activities for everyone. Including helping players who may be more prone to gambling addiction and at the same time providing a safety measure against illegal activities like money laundering that could occur. 

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