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TXO combats FTTx supply chain shortage with new street cabinets

by Anthony Weaver

Street cabinet scarcity threatens UK government roll-out target and impacts customer usage

Chepstow, UK, 22nd September: TXO, the leading provider of critical telecom network hardware and asset management services, has today announced the availability of a wide range of Fibre-to-the-X (FTTx) street cabinets, designed to enable service providers to avoid supply chain challenges and accelerate FTTx roll-outs. TXO’s street cabinets offer 10 to 12 year lifecycles and can be delivered within eight weeks which is significantly less than the current supply chain delivery time of up to a year.

Households and businesses across the UK demand fibre connectivity so they can access high bandwidth services and the digital economy. Simultaneously, the government is targeting gigabit broadband (FTTx) for 85% of the UK by 2025. This puts pressure on service providers to accelerate their roll-outs of FTTx to meet customer and government demands. Street cabinets play a critical role in the process by enabling the distribution of fibre from a street to a home or business, but supply chain issues are impacting roll-outs. TXO will then service the street cabinets with refurbished equipment as part of its circular economy model.

Darren Pearce, Group CEO at TXO comments: “A lack of fibre cabinets is a growing issue in the UK impacting many businesses and consumers. While rising demand for fibre means operators need more street cabinets, the supply chain crisis is causing significant bottlenecks and driving up prices. As a result, network operators are under huge pressure to deliver.”

“However, rather than grappling with the current challenges of the supply chain, operators can now gain access to fibre street cabinets delivered in a much shorter time and at a lower cost, enabling them to scale their infrastructure to meet customer demands. This is particularly beneficial for altnets, who suffer from even longer supply chain wait times and operate on lower budgets than the legacy service providers.

“Furthermore, by servicing our street cabinets with refurbished parts, operators can reap the benefits of the circular economy, such as lowering carbon emissions, minimising waste and cost reduction,” Pearce added. 

About TXO

TXO is the world’s leading provider of critical telecom network hardware and asset management services.

With close to one million parts, our huge stock of multi-vendor networking equipment sets us apart from the rest. Through a combination of our products and services, we can enhance your productivity and secure the future of your telecom operation. Additionally, we design solutions specifically tailored to your business and using our extensive product knowledge, help with the maintenance and progression of your telecom network.

We also provide asset recovery solutions for our clients across a wide variety of disciplines, such as telecoms, data centres, utilities, oil, gas & renewable energy and civil, government & critical comms. Here our goal is to support your company to achieve its sustainability targets while maintaining your high standards.

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