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UCi2i Developing New Suite Of Cloud-Based Video Applications Under Rob Thornley’s R&D Leadership

by david.nunes

UCi2i Developing New Suite Of Cloud-Based Video Applications Under Rob Thornley’s R&D Leadership

London, 24.06.13

UCi2i, the world’s first global, independent and vendor-neutral Video Conferencing Managed Services Provider, formally announce Rob Thornley as Head of Research & Development.

Thornley sits at the helm of an R&D team that has received a significant investment. His team will continue their award-winning work, which has so far resulted in the creation of two unique cloud services. The first – which is set to launch next month – being an intuitive video collaboration workspace, a universal web-based application for video users to manage their calls, contacts and Virtual Meeting Rooms effortlessly, from any device and any location. The second is Real-time Activity Reporting (RAR) which provides an enterprise level management resource to all of our customers, allowing them an incredibly detailed overview of their video usage, in real-time.

The move clearly represents a substantial commitment to R&D, from which UCi2i will continue to disrupt the market, making video conferencing as simple as a phone call. For end-users this means they are free to call and collaborate with anyone at any time, with no concerns about what device either party or parties may currently have access to.

Thornley brings with him 20 years’ experience in software development, covering a wide range of industries. This has given him a unique perspective into what is achievable from the cloud, a perspective Thornley now brings to the video industry.

Following on from a year in which UCi2i has already achieved phenomenal success. Thornley comments: “In the previous 12 months we’ve achieved feats the video conferencing industry didn’t think possible. The most exciting aspect for me is that not only are we only just scratching the surface but we’ve already achieved so much so quickly.”

“We have a fantastic opportunity to really get collaboration into the right shape for all. With our increased investment and roadmap for cloud collaboration – that leverages a customer’s legacy investments in video – we know we can accelerate video conferencing that works for the masses and how they want to use it. IT often dictates this is what you’re getting and you have to use it this way. Increasingly employees are demanding user-definable and device independent workspaces that work for them and not the other way round. Add BYOD into the mix and we know that people and their workspaces need to be mobile and accessible, what if they leave their device? And at the same time we need to respect their employer’s need for IT management tools that are accessible, simple to use and integrate.”

About UCi2i

UCi2i is the world’s first global, independent and vendor agnostic Video Managed Services Provider, headquartered in London and Hong Kong. Founded in 2009, UCi2i enables you to communicate face to face, through secure and high definition video, wherever you are.

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