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UK Agency Highlights ‘Prompt Injection’ Risks in Chatbots

by Anthony Weaver

(Rochdale, UK – 18/09/23) Digital transformations are apparent in almost
all markets and sectors. Even consumers and business professionals who
may not be the most technology savvy are still often greeted with a
digital way of managing a previously manual or personal process given
the time and cost saving it offers for companies.

Recently, concerns have been voiced in the IT sector around the risk of
prompt chatbots injection. This is something that cyber security
experts, Creative Networks [2], are also passionate about as they work
tirelessly with clients around the UK to create safer online operations.

How Do Chatbots Work?

AI chatbots are one of the many tools that can be used to automate
customer service support via digital platforms. Available for full
configuration and integration with company tone of voice for bespoke
experiences, they offer consumers and business clients a way to receive
speedy information in real-time without the need for a human-to-human

The machine-learned algorithms and pre-programmed scripts allow for any
questions that are asked, which correlate with the information, to be
answered instantly for immediate issue resolution. Should the query not
be suitable for answering in this form, a funnel can then be sent to the
human side of the customer service function to allow rapid support in
these scenarios.

Chatbots allow 24/7 assistance to meet the needs of busy individuals,
greatly improving both customer and employee experience. The AI tools
are also integrated with security features, making them popular even on
sensitive platforms such as online banking services and patient care
booking systems.

What Is a Prompt Injection?

A common misconception about AI chatbots is that they provide ongoing
resilience to malicious parties once programmed and encrypted. This is
simply not true; unfortunately, cyber threats are constantly evolving
like all other digital assets.

If a prompt injection successfully infiltrates a chatbot system
settings, it could access the programmed automation and change the
intended journey. This means that customers would be none the wiser as
the language and system would not change; instead, the original
safeguards in place have been removed. As well as exposing any
information shared to hackers there is also potential for access to the
device being used..

Many call prompt injections one of the most complex and dangerous forms
of cyber attacks in 2023 and the Creative network team agrees with this

How Can You Eliminate This Issue?

As with any cyber security threat, the best way to tackle the issue is
to constantly address the problem. Becoming lax or not investing the
correct amount into protecting digital assets costs companies and
consumers thousands of pounds every year, with some breaches being

Creative Networks tackles the problem head-on with two key areas of
support: security compliance and cyber security services. The services
are offered either as individual options or bespoke packages as they
experts believe an individual approach to cyber maintenance offers the
best chance of success.

Helping companies become security compliant and achieve long-term
alignment with various certifications, Creative Networks has experience
supporting clients from all sectors. Cyber Essentials [3] is just one of
the certifications companies can achieve with IT experts, but many other
certifications are offered depending on business needs. Compliance is a
vital way of tackling cyber threats as it ensures any issues can be
detected and dealt with before things escalate.

Creative Networks provides complete cyber security support [4] to help
businesses operate confidently within digital landscapes. From providing
user configuration to malware protection operations within global
markets, the team takes security seriously. They are also passionate
about promoting cyber security within companies of all sizes, as
everyone is at risk of damaging attacks. Additional services that
support the eradication of prompt injection and other activities also
include awareness training [5], vulnerability management [6],
penetration testing [7], and managed detection support [8].

If your business uses AI chatbots, there is no reason to stop using this
intelligent tool. Offering companies a way to improve competitiveness
and retain customers while operating a cost-efficient model, they
provide many benefits. Still, you should operate cautiously by ensuring
your cyber security settings are always configured for maximum support.
Contact the team [9] or visit their website [10] to learn more about how
Creative Networks can minimise risks and improve digital confidence.

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