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UK Government Gets Ready for EuraMedia 2012, With Trade Commission UKTI Leading Initiative to Bring US Businesses to Event

by david.nunes

UK Government Gets Ready for EuraMedia 2012, With Trade Commission UKTI Leading Initiative to Bring US Businesses to Event

BOSTON, May 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The United Kingdom’s Trade & Investment Committee, also known as the UKTI, is stepping up support for this year’s EuraMedia Summit in Boston, Massachusetts. The UK government department will be collaborating with the city government of London in launching an event to promote the summit locally.

The UKTI will be hosting a launch party in London packed with high profile speakers and top local businessmen to promote the EuraMedia Summit launch, with the summit itself lasting from June 13 to June 16 in Boston, Massachusetts. Key UK participants that will be participating include UKTI representatives, London city government representatives, BBC Russia Editor Anna Vissens, Jefferies Group Media and Telecom Equity Research Analyst David Reynolds, and many others, including EuraMedia’s UK team, consisting of Juno Copywriting executives Charley Christopher and Sarah Thursfield, WeProduce’s Emma Victoria-Houton, and Holland Alexander’s Louise Holland.

The UKTI will be present at the summit, who will discuss the role of the United Kingdom’s media and technology companies in US-Russian investments and partnerships. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is also one of the summit sponsors, and the global brand recognition of BBC properties such as the re-launched Doctor Who series continues to further cement their widespread social media popularity. Recently, Russia’s top streaming media sites, such as ivy.ru, tvigle.ru and other have begun purchasing heavily from the BBC.

The UK Trade & Investment was formed in 1999 as British Trade International and later renamed the UKTI in 2003. The overall goal of the department is “to enhance the competitiveness of companies in the UK through overseas trade and investments; and attract a continuing high level of quality foreign direct investment.” Christine Johnson, UKTI representative in New York commented, “We want to make sure that all British businessmen recognize the importance of the relationship between the UK, US and Russia. US investors, when moving towards Russia, see the UK as a stepping block, or a means of launching their global transitioning. Likewise, because of its proximity to Russia and experience in working with Russians, UK businessmen are extremely valuable partners to US investors.” She continued with a call for “UK businesses to take heed of the UKTI’s decision and choose to participate in this landmark event for the good of the British economy.”

The EuraMedia summit is dedicated to taking advantage of the current buzz surrounding the Russian tech and markets, where properties are significantly undervalued and many key opportunities looked over, to bring together entrepreneurs and investors, as well as media and media tech buyers and sellers, to create an environment where deals get done and partnerships created. Organizers plan to create an environment that further stimulates and encourages and institutionalizes true, grass-roots market growth and East-West economic development and awards meritocracy and innovation.


  • EuraMedia Summit will take place June 13 – June 16 2012 at The Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center located at 200 Seaport Blvd. in Boston, MA. For more information contact press@euramedia2012.com
  • The multi faceted summit will ultimately offer attendees access to the great and good in Russian business. They will hear from top industry speakers such as Steve Wozniak of Apple Computer Inc, learn from case studies of existing Western success stories doing business in Russia, intimately network to create future long term relationships, attend educational seminars to aid them in future business ventures with Russia and explore new business leads.
  • A VIP networking opportunity; a black tie awards ceremony and charity event to be co-hosted by IDEA Media and famed actress Sarah Jessica Parker will also happen at the Summit. The awards, to be given out by top media executives as well as celebrities, will focus on the entertainment and media industries (both traditional and digital) and will honor pioneers from Russia and the CIS in these fields. The event also will feature an auction of vintage Soviet and US movie memorabilia and will benefit The Life Line Charity Fund.
  • Matthew Goldstein, co-founder and principal of IDEA Consulting Inc., is a graduate of Phillips Academy Andover and a J.William Fulbright Scholar on Popular Culture and Youth Political Mobilization in the former Soviet space.

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