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UNH-IOL Hosts First Ever 100 Mbps Multi-Vendor VDSL2 Vectoring Demo

by david.nunes

UNH-IOL Hosts First Ever 100 Mbps Multi-Vendor VDSL2 Vectoring Demonstration in Broadband Forum’s Interoperability Pavilion

News Highlights:

  • First time ever!  Demonstrating 100 Mbps delivery to everyone in the neighborhood
  • Seven companies join together for first public demonstration of multi-DSLAM, multi-device interoperability of VDSL2 Vectoring in a simulated operational environment, proving 100 Mbps can be delivered to each home over the normal phone wiring
  • VDSL2 service take up in bundled multi-pair cables no longer limits throughput- vectoring cancels out the crosstalk noise plaguing service providers

15 October 2013, Fremont – For the first time ever, the UNH-IOL (University of New Hampshire-Interoperability Lab) will organize a live VDSL2 Vectoring multi-vendor demonstration in the Broadband Forum’s Interoperability Pavilion at this month’s Broadband World Forum, held October 22-24 in Amsterdam. Demonstrating for the first time how service providers can move beyond single home service with VDSL2 to extending high speed VDSL2 throughout the neighborhood, overcoming crosstalk issues caused by bundled copper pairs. In one year, UNH and the Broadband Forum have moved from defining vectoring testing specifications through chipset and systems plugfests to this week’s exciting announcement that interoperability is here!

The UNH-IOL, an independent provider of broadband testing and an Approved Test Laboratory of the Broadband Forum, has already hot staged and verified the results of this multi-vendor effort, and will manage the demonstration on site in the BBF Pavilion. Specifically, the live demonstration includes three DSLAMs from ADTRAN, Alcatel-Lucent and Ikanos, each serving a mix of sixteen devices each from ADB SA, AVM GmbH and Technicolor. Telebyte will support the live demonstration with their crosstalk simulator, which emulates a real cable binder that would be used for the typical VDSL2 deployment.

Lincoln Lavoie, Senior Engineer at InterOperability Laboratory, UNH-IOL, said: “Multi-vendor interoperability is now a reality and this breakthrough is a result of the groundwork laid by the Broadband Forum and UNH-IOL. This is the first ever demonstration where speeds will be kept consistently at 100Mbps over all pairs/devices, so this is an exciting time for the industry and is a major leap forward for superfast broadband.”

VDSL2 Vectoring is noise-cancelling technology that cuts out almost all interference among the VDSL2 lines in a cable bundle. With little or no interference, every VDSL2 line can operate at peak speeds, as if it were the only line in the bundle. Today, VDSL2 Vectoring cancels the self-crosstalk that used to be a limiting factor in deploying VDSL2 with high bit-rates. The demonstration will show the reality of delivering consistently high speeds to every home in a neighborhood. Vectoring allows Service Providers to market and reliably deliver speeds in excess of 100Mbps, releasing the potential for new and innovative services.

“With VDSL2 Vectoring, copper has renewed value,” adds Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum. “Today’s networks can deliver a more compelling and competitive broadband user experience and with VDSL2 Vectoring, Service Providers have new options to deliver the superfast speeds to meet customer needs.”

The Broadband Forum’s Interoperability Pavilion will house 15 member companies that are showcasing the latest advancements in G-PON, VDSL2 Vectoring and TR-069-related interoperability and certification. Participating companies include: Actelis, ADB SA, ADTRAN, Alcatel-Lucent, AVM, D-Link, Huawei Technologies, Ikanos, Juniper Networks, LAN Laboratories, Technicolor, Telebyte, UNH-IOL, ZTE and ZyXEL as well as the HomeGrid Forum.

For more information about the Broadband Forum Interoperability Pavilion, please go to http://www.broadbandworldforum.com/broadband-forum-pavilion/. To register your attendance at the Forum’s press conference, or to set up an interview please contact Dana Corson on +44 (0) 1636 812152 or email [email protected].

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Founded in 1988, the UNH-IOL provides independent, broad-based interoperability and standards conformance testing for data, telecommunications and storage networking products and technologies. Combining extensive staff experience, standards bodies participation and a 32,000+ square-foot facility, the UNH-IOL helps companies efficiently and cost effectively deliver products to the market.

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