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Unified Video Technologies Acquires Broadcast System Integration Unit From KIT Digital

by david.nunes



UNIV adds high performance workflows for media rich environments to its system integration solutions


Miami, Florida – February 13, 2013 – Unified Video Technologies (UNIV), specialists in developing, integrating and operating complete high-performance media and broadcast ecosystems for broadcasters and enterprises, announces the recent acquisition of KIT Digital’s Broadcast System Integration Unit for the Americas by UNIV’s WWBroadcast subsidiary. UNIV will enhance the system integration services that had been provided by KIT Digital through its consultative approach, which focuses on understanding and addressing the needs of customers in media-rich environments by developing and implementing high-performance workflows, providing media processing, and introducing managed services.

UNIV views the acquisition of the Broadcast Systems Integration Unit, which KIT Digital divested as part of its restructuring process, as a key opportunity to acquire an ongoing pipeline of clients, and as complementary to UNIV’s skill sets in the areas of software, integrated workflows and media-in-the-cloud.

“UNIV recognizes that enterprises in almost every field, including broadcasters, must quickly find solutions for effectively managing their video assets,” said Pablo Goldstein, CEO of Unified Video Technologies. “With media becoming essential for corporate functions such as marketing, product development, in-house training, sales, product documentation, investor relations and more, video management solutions are a must for every company that has a growing library of video assets, as well as for companies in the media and entertainment industry. UNIV is committed to creating easy-to-use workflows that empower each enterprise to get the most out of its media assets, with the least hassle and expense.”

“The transition from KIT Digital has been more than seamless,” said Ariel Matzkin, CTO of Unified Video Technologies. “In fact, we have completed customer projects ahead of schedule and with time to spare. More importantly, in keeping with our solution-oriented approach, UNIV’s technology experts have taken a fresh look at our clients’ requirements and implemented software that will enhance operating efficiency and lower expenses significantly.”

UNIV is headquartered in the former KIT Digital Broadcast System Integration Unit facilities and staffed by unit professionals to ensure service continuity.

Unified Video Technologies (UNIV) provides complete high-performance workflows that seamlessly perform all media processing, delivery and management tasks, from ingest to distribution and rights management. Through close consultation and collaboration with its customers, UNIV empowers enterprises and broadcasters to leverage media to advance their business goals, and applies creativity and know-how to design ideal solutions. The visionary UNIV approach is based on integrating software in the video ecosystem to optimize video quality and performance while minimizing operating costs. UNIV provides a range of software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and on-premise software solutions that enable customers to fully exploit the capabilities of their media and broadcast technology. Visit the company’s website at www.univtec.com

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