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Unique comparison site offers a better deal for SMEs

by david.nunes

Unique comparison site offers a better deal for SMEs 

The recently launched website, CompareBusinessPhones.co.ukhelps businesses check they are not paying too much for their mobile communications. All the best deals, from all the major service providers are available for comparison in one location for the first time, making it easy for businesses to get the deal that’s right for them and their unique requirements.

The site has been designed to help businesses of all sizes, from those with a few users to those with hundreds of mobile devices, but should prove compelling for SMEs looking to cut costs and increase profitability.

The website is the brainchild of Manchester-based telecommunications entrepreneur Ashley Bailey: “Large corporates understand the telecoms market and get the deal that is right for them and their users’ needs, but the picture is very different for smaller businesses. With limited knowledge and less time available to research a dozen websites for the best tariff or tablet price, these smaller businesses need to be able to see, in one place, all the deals that might better suit their needs. 

“There are a huge number of different contracts available, with each offering something different to business users, who undoubtedly will value cost savings more than a few new features on the latest gadget. It is expected that SIM only contracts will grow in popularity, with declining handset sales indicating that many business users in particular have all the features they need on their existing handset. At a time when every business is looking to cut costs and improve efficiency, our site makes finding the best deal easy for businesses of every size.”

One such business to take advantage was Blackburn Alarms, a security business with 11 mobiles, using 1500 minutes per device. By working through the site and comparing offers to their current deal, allowed them to tailor a new contract and cut their average monthly spend from around £330 per month to £110 per month, a saving of £5280 (66.7%) over the term of the new two year contract.

Ashley continues: “Any business user can simply work through the site and discover the best tariff for their needs, then click the link and deal direct with service provider, with the option to buy online or over the phone. Transparency is the key to our offering, with the site providing live tariffs, updated daily direct from the networks; it’s why we’re so confident SME’s will get the best deal.

Importantly, we make our money from delivering new customers to the service providers; CompareBusinessPhones adds nothing extra to the cost of the contract. What the business sees, the business pays.”

The concept for the website, which is constantly evolving to reflect market changes and the buying habits of users, started out looking only at handsets, but now all the best tablet deals are available for small business users. The pace of technological change and the competitive nature of the networks will ensure the site is a regular destination for any business looking to cut the cost of their mobile communications.

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