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Unitel Direct to enter the Gas and Electricity market.

by david.nunes

Unitel Direct to enter the Gas and Electricity market

Unitel Direct the UK’s leading SEO, Telecom, Broadband and Mobile Phone provider are due to enter into the Gas and Electricity market.

Management team at Unitel Direct have just announced plans of the proposed supply and service which is looking to start from September this year (2012). The group which have recently just taken over another Internet firm in the Northampton area have said that this is a perfect fit with our current client base (which currently sits at many thousands). The initial offering will be to existing customers that Unitel Direct service, however they have been busy working with energy brokers to ensure that they capture all aspects of the energy market.

Management have said “this is an exciting time for Unitel Direct and our group of companies, we have dedicated one of our contact centres to specifically work on this new venture and we have been testing the water for some time now to ensure that this runs as smoothly as possible. The service will be headed by the Operations Manager and we have been busy collecting data from thousands of potential customers on their expiry date of their current Gas and Electricity supply contracts.

The energy market is very lucrative for Unitel Direct – as a company that adds around 50 customers a day to our services, this is a natural fit. We are heavily focused on the sales teams that work for us and have made our business the size that it is today. Our sales teams regularly undergo training to ensure that we are giving our customers the best service and looking after the customers needs at all times.

Unitel Direct currently have a renewal rate that sits just under 95% – in our type of business and industry this is significantly above the average which is currently just over 70%, again this is down to the hard work of our teams and the dedication that our staff show. The proposed move is to create up-to 100 more jobs in our Front Line sales team, back office support and administration roles. Unitel Direct are due to appear on ITV in September to promote our services to the “micro” business market at heavily reduced prices, this will be primarily for website services.

Unitel Direct have maintained extremely strong new business sales from our resellers that use our service but brand as their own and from our front line sales teams. We are getting more than ever customer recommendations from our existing client base, however, the biggest increase in new business sales have come directly from Unitel Direct’s new website that has recently been revamped to be more informative and easier to use – this has contributed to the group’s sales by over 40% in the last 2 months alone.


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