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UROS Group expands Goodspeed service to selected qualified Motorola Smartphones

by Anthony Weaver

8th February, 2019 – Oulu/Chicago. UROS, a global innovator in turnkey IoT solutions and smart connectivity, today announced the qualification of selected Motorola smartphones, expanding the verified product portfolio of the state-of-the-art global mobile data experience.

This qualification will enable UROS’ award-winning Goodspeed service in selected Motorola smartphones, bringing flat-rate mobile data access directly to Motorola’s customers.

Goodspeed services run on an eSIM-based IoT Ecosystem and SIM-based solutions developed by UROS, offering customers a flat-rate mobile data service abroad in 120+ countries and more than 12 million Wi-Fi hotspots globally. As a GSMA associate member, UROS smart connectivity is always delivered in accordance with the highest industry standards and in co-operation with selected partners.

We are very excited to have completed this qualification which will give Motorola a new competitive edge by strengthening and improving Motorola smartphone users’ experience abroad by connecting them affordably through the Goodspeed service, no matter where they are in the world. Businesses using Motorola smartphones will also benefit by being able to empower their employees with greater efficiency and productivity on the go, as they are able to stay connected”, says UROS Group CEO Mr. Jerry Raatikainen.

Global Geo Portfólio Executive Director at Motorola, Mr. Edson Bortolli comments: “We are proud to design, manufacture and offer the best smartphones in the world and happy that UROS chose Motorola as the platform to promote their smart connectivity to the global connected users. Certainly Motorola’s customers will be delighted with an additional solution available to them.”

UROS provides turnkey IoT and global connectivity solutions for a broad range of vertical industries, mobile operators, corporates and consumers through its IoT platform. UROS’ award-winning technology is developed in-house and holds several patents globally. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, UROS was recently named the fastest growing company in the country. For additional information visit uros.com.

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