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USA Digital Doubles Nationwide Network Footprint

by david.nunes

USA Digital Doubles Nationwide Network Footprint 

Expansion creates savings and redundancy for customers

Oklahoma City, OK – January 22, 2015:  USA Digital Communications, Inc. (USAD) announces the addition of 105 new nodes to their network footprint. The network expansion allows USAD to deliver unmatched connectivity to customers in isolated markets. Expanding network access coverage into smaller markets provides customers a reduction in network cost—generating savings they can leverage to grow their business.

The expansion situates USAD with nearly 1,000 nationwide network interconnects, over double the footprint from last year and advancing their commitment to create efficiencies without sacrificing quality.  By extending into new markets, USAD can offer scalable capacity and speed for future converged networks. 

“Our investment in this network expansion proves our commitment to deliver unmatched connectivity with the distinct advantage of providing merging technologies into a unified whole for the benefit of our valued clients,” says Richard Costello, USAD President. “We’ve built on the successes of our product portfolio, creating opportunities to serve new markets, plus improve operations for existing customers.” 

With USAD network solutions, SMB and enterprise customers can take advantage of up to 10 GB of redundant network transport of voice and data services, including VoIP, Private Line, EVPLS, MPLS and Dedicated Internet Access.

About USA Digital

USA Digital is a leader in voice, data and Internet communications to contact center, enterprise, wireless, CLEC, ILEC and IXC carriers. We complete billions of minutes with our advanced nationwide switching infrastructure and Tier 1 network relationships. USA Digital focuses on high-quality services, maximum call completion rates and system reliability—all at a competitive price.  To learn more about USA Digital, visit www.usad.com or call 888-872-3787.

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