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UTEL to Unveil Last Mile FTTC Testing Solution

by david.nunes

UTEL to Unveil Last Mile FTTC Testing Solution

Fully managed system to enable automated and on demand testing

Amsterdam, Netherlands. 16 October 2013. Last mile copper testing technology for fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) networks, designed by UTEL to give operators a full network picture without putting pressure on cabinet space, is to be unveiled at the Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam.

UTEL, one of Europe’s leading independent research and development companies for telecommunications systems, is behind the innovative new solution. Unlike single ended, double ended or metallic line tests (selt, delt, melt) it does not rely on an active modem at the customer end of the network.  It can also detect and isolate faults on the copper line from the network operator’s contact centre without the need for skilled engineers to interpret the data.

“We are seeing that, in Europe especially, telcos are preferring to roll out FTTC with the last mile still delivered by copper,” said Frank Kaufhold, Managing Director of UTEL. “With this comes a need to have a consistent test solution for both the fibre and copper parts of the network. We have now developed a solution that will give a full view of the last mile, all of the way to the customer premises, without requiring extra rack space.”

Earlier this year UTEL announced that sales of its Test Access Switch Matrix (TASM), the testing technology which has been redesigned for the new FTTC solution, has increased by more than a quarter year on year making it one of the leading solutions within Europe. The UTEL TASM technology is already deployed over more than 15 million lines.

“With this solution we are helping operators reduce costs, but also improve customer services. In the not too distant future, telcos that can identify network problems before they have happened, will be at a distinct advantage as more and more core services are delivered via this network,” added Kaufhold.

The new FTTC TASM is one part of UTEL’s activity to help service providers by providing testing that can be administered from a central location, proactively detect faults and deliver a prioritised list of network errors in a simple way. The aim being to reduce end service and cut maintenance costs simultaneously.

UTEL will be exhibiting at the Broadband World Forum, Amsterdam, between 22 – 24 October at booth A50 and B14. For further information about UTEL’s range of products, visit www.utel.co.uk.

About UTEL:

UTEL is Europe’s leading independent research and development company for telecommunications systems. Copper and fibre test access switch and testing solutions have been strong areas for UTEL, with the company creating world-first remote fault detection technologies. But it doesn’t end here;  UTEL prides itself on being able to solve any challenge anywhere in the optical or copper network. The team is able to innovate and create optimal solutions at lightning speed.

The company has expanded in recent years and now has a turnover of more than 20 million Euros and over 40 employees at sites across Europe. It has achieved this growth with the sale of highly innovative solutions to companies ranging in scale and sector from the largest telecoms service providers in the world to smaller more niche clients addressing specific project needs.

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