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VCE Unveils VxRack – Industry¹s First Hyper-Converged RackScale System Delivers Massive Scale Out Infrastructure With Simplicity

by david.nunes


Data Center Scale System Delivered and Supported With Signature VCE Customer Experience

Singapore, May 5, 2015– VCE, the pioneer and worldwide leader in converged infrastructure, today announced a new family of hyper-converged RackScale Systems that enables enterprises and Service Providers to dramatically simplify the deployment of next generation scale out mobile, cloud and distributed Tier 2 applications. The VCE® VxRack System enables customers to start from dozens of servers and scale to many thousands of servers — tens of petabytes of storage capacity while delivering the highest performance and value per IOP. Most importantly, VCE brings its proven methodology of pre-engineered factory built infrastructure with single call lifecycle support to deliver a massively scaled out hyper-converged VxRack Systems with the same unmatched VCE customer experience.

The VxRack Systems are fully software-defined leveraging EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage and including built-in networking to ensure seamless scaling and in addition it can decouple scaling of compute and storage enabling customers to take full advantage of a hyper-converged architecture without limitations. Another unique attribute of the VxRack Systems is the unparalleled flexibility enabled by a choice of software stacks that define the personality of the system. These software stacks bring together technologies from across the EMC Federation and partners to offer customers the ability to map their VxRack Systems to their application environments. These systems include:

·         A VxRack System offering flexible choice of hypervisor, including the industry-leading VMware vSphere, or KVM or bare metal. The system leverages EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage, Cisco top of rack Nexus switching and can optionally incorporate factory integration of the VMware vRealize management and orchestration suite.

·         A VxRack System offering tailored for VMware environments, offers a fully integrated VMware stack based on VMware’s EVO:RACK technology and VMware Virtual SAN.

VxRack Systems are architected to connect into the recently announced VCE Vscale Architecture, and will be supported by VCE Vision® software to achieve a unified data center architecture that spans multiple locations and geographies, adding another dimension to scale and flexibility offered by VCE.

“Over the past five years, customers have trusted VCE to enable them to rapidly deploy data center scale converged infrastructure so they can focus on delivering next-generation IT services to their businesses. This customer trust combined with our deep experience delivering simplified, operationally efficient solutions positions VCE perfectly to redefine the hyper-converged segment with the scale out VxRack engineered systems. The VxRack Systems are purpose built to enable enterprises and Service Providers to support existing Tier 2 and emerging born in the cloud applications with massive scale capability and cost optimization,” said Praveen Akkiraju, VCE CEO.

The VxRack Systems complement VCE’s flagship Vblock® and VxBlock®converged infrastructure platforms which are built on best of breed technologies and are the primary platform for mission critical Tier 1 workloads such as ERP systems and core enterprise applications. EMC’s VSPEX Blue Hyper -Converged appliance offers customers a simple, turn-key experience for departmental applications, ROBO and SME use cases. Together this portfolio of Blocks, Racks and Appliances offers the most comprehensive converged infrastructure portfolio to accelerate and simplify the customer’s journey to the cloud and big data.

As IT organizations standardize on converged infrastructure as the foundation for their next generation data centers, VCE is well positioned with a comprehensive vision and portfolio to help our customers deliver world class cloud and mobile ready IT services to their business. 


“Users in the Wikibon community state that simplicity is the primary driver for adopting converged and newer hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. Enterprise users have challenges predicting growth and must support a wide variety of applications. VCE’s VxRack System provides a scalable architecture that can support multi hypervisors and bare metal deployments, allowing enterprises and service providers to consolidate virtualized, cloud native applications and emerging databases onto a shared infrastructure platform,” said Wikibon Senior Analyst Stu Miniman

“Since the VxRack is completely modular, it really allows us to enter at a lower price point, or a smaller footprint, and easily scale up over time to build our solutions with improved OPEX for our clients. Additionally, since the Dimension Data Cloud is application driven, the VCE VxRack System and the Vscale Architecture enables our clients to move important workloads and core systems improving time to value for business transformation,” said Shelley Perry, Chief Product Officer of Cloud Solutions, Dimension Data.

“Although Itrica is a cloud service provider in a lot of aspects, we’re really delivering custom solutions for our customers who have very specific requirements and validation processes. The VCE VxRack System has the opportunity to make a significant impact on the Industry because it provides tremendous flexibility with its software-defined storage infrastructure and support for multiple hypervisors, as well as bare metal. Now both enterprises and service providers can leverage technologies at a scale that makes sense for their organization,” said David J. Sampson, Executive Vice President and CTO, Itrica Corporation.


VxRack Systems offering a flexible choice of hypervisor, including the industry-leading VMware vSphere will be orderable in July and will begin shipping in Q3. Additional details on the VxRack System based on VMware’s EVO:RACK technology and VMware Virtual SAN will be previewed at VMWorld 2015.


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