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Vedicis and FTS to deliver joint Policy Control & Charging Solution

by david.nunes

Vedicis and FTS to deliver joint Policy Control & Charging Solution


PCC solution enables operators to manage data explosion, monetize data services in real-time and improve customer experience


Broadband Traffic Management Congress | November 15, 2011 | London, UK: FTS, a global provider of billing, customer care and policy control solutions for communications and content service providers, and Vedicis, the leading software editor in broadband DPI and policy enforcement solutions, announced today that they are partnering to deliver a complete Policy Control & Charging (PCC) solution.


Vedicis will provide its policy enforcement (PCEF) solution, whilst FTS will deliver its Leap™ Policy Control, an online/offline charging and PCRF solution. The combined solution will be an integrated end-to-end Policy Control & Charging offering for mobile and fixed line operators. 


As data usage continues to rise service providers’ marketing departments are being pushed to come up with innovative pricing plans that can be implemented quickly to help manage data volumes, whilst simultaneously increasing revenues and improving the customer experience. The combined FTS and Vedicis PCC solution enables the billing and network departments to keep up to speed with marketing requests, with pre-integrated charging, policy management and enforcement and subscribers’ data. Dynamic policies can be implemented to correctly identify and classify content such as over the top applications (OTT), video or gaming, ensuring that the data is correctly handled, prioritized and charged for.


The new partnership provides a single PCC solution: operators purchase a pre-integrated package that offers simplicity, fast integration, deployment and operational set-up, along with cost advantages when compared to integrating separate PCEF, PCRF and charging solutions. As a result, operators gain a competitive edge with fast, simple implementation of new services and improved ROI.


“This is a great partnership for FTS. We have always worked hard to help marketing teams launch new services quickly, without back-office being a bottleneck, and integration with Vedicis will add further simplicity and fast deployment capabilities,” said Amos Sivan, CEO, FTS. “This combined PCC offering will enable operators to better respond to the choices their customers make with personalized packages.”


“The combination of FTS’ Leap Policy Control and our Vedicis Policy Enforcement solution presents an exciting new offering for fixed and mobile operators,” said Théodore Martin Martin, Vedicis CEO. “At Vedicis, we focus on delivering flexible and efficient open traffic management solutions to speed new service implementation and control IP data growth. Together, FTS and Vedicis can now help carriers combine policy enforcement, the policy rules engine, real-time usage-based charging and the subscribers’ data to create differentiated services quickly and simply.”


The joint Policy Control & Charging Solution from Vedicis and FTS will be able to help operators resolve a number of issues that are currently affecting the sector, including:


– Enabling innovative cross-selling plans – an example of which may be to provide quota-based credits for the data used on premium services


– Traffic Management – the PCC solution can implement dynamic policy rules for bandwidth fair usage and congestion mitigation according to the user’s profile, his financial status, the network status or even the roaming status


– Providing tiered services – such as offering pricing packages based on a choice of access speed, download/upload quotas, QoS prioritization, applications, devices, location or time of day/week according to the consumer’s preference


Both FTS and Vedicis will be participating at the Global Broadband Traffic Management conference in London (15th-17th November 2011). Vedicis will be discussing the latest business cases for Traffic Management Solutions to ensure operators have full flexibility for their initiatives (15:15pm, 17th November) and FTS will be participating in a panel discussion on Policy 2.0 enabled services and how they can deliver incremental revenues for operators (12:40pm, 16th November).   


To book a meeting with Vedicis, please contact marketing@vedicis.com 


To book a meeting with FTS, please contact meetings@fts-soft.com 



About Vedicis 

Vedicis provides Policy Control & Enforcement and Network Traffic Intelligence Solutions to fixed and mobile operators to manage and monetize broadband for better user experience and new revenue streams. 

Vedicis’ innovative DPI-Policy Enforcement software platform helps customers to solve data congestion issues with better QoS and QoE, and create new services with precise content and bandwidth control depending on user service entitlement. We focus on delivering visibility (granular statistics) intelligence (usage metering for profiling and charging) and control (applications bandwidth enforcement per user, and smart routing for user services and caching) with rapid ROI, scalability and fast integration. Vedicis is headquartered in Paris, France. For more information, please visit www.vedicis.com


About FTS 

FTS is a leading provider of billing, customer care and policy control solutions for communications and content service providers. By analyzing events from a business standpoint rather than just billing them, FTS allows providers to better understand their customer base and leverage business value from every event and interaction. FTS deploys its full range of end-to-end, stand-alone and add- on telecom billing and policy control solutions to customers in over 40 countries and implements solutions in wireless, wireline, cable, content and broadband markets including multiple cross-network installations. 

Serving the evolving needs of telecommunications providers, the company’s operations comprise international R&D locations and strategically-located sales support offices worldwide. Further information is available at http://www.fts-soft.com/.


For further information please contact:

Joshua PR: Patrick Smith, Tel. +44 7734 600553patrick.smith@joshuapr.com

FTS: Moshe Peterfreund, Tel. +972 9 952 6500press@fts-soft.com 

Vedicis: Arnaud Gardin, Tel: +33 (0) 687 687 450arnaud.gardin@vedicis.com 



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