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Vello Systems and Pacnet announce first truly open NaaS platform

by david.nunes

Pacnet Selects Vello Systems’ VellOS™ Application-Aware Software Platform to Offer the First Pan-Asia NaaS Architecture to Carriers and Enterprises

First truly open NaaS platform to provide customers with tiered SLAs offering unprecedented automated service initiation, reconfiguration and monitoring options

Hong Kong / Menlo Park, CA – November 5, 2013 – Pacnet, a leading provider of managed data connectivity solutions to major telecommunications carriers, large multinational enterprises and government entities in the Asia-Pacific, and Vello Systems, a leading provider of open solutions that align applications with IT resources, today introduced at the Open Stack Summit in Hong Kong the Pacnet Enabled Network (PEN). PEN is the first Pan-Asia Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform leveraging Vello’s Connectivity ExchangeTM application based on the VellOS™ 7.0 Linux software platform.

Working in partnership with Mirantis, the leading pure-play OpenStack company, Vello has developed an open, innovative dynamic network platform which Pacnet has extended to provide carriers and large enterprises with the ability to provision network bandwidth on-demand exactly when and where they need it.  VellOS Connectivity Exchange also provides Pacnet with industry-first “intelligent overprovisioning,” meaning that the expensive WAN links between countries and data centers are always fully utilized and monetized via software control of data flows associated with tiered SLAs.

“We are very impressed by the advanced business connectivity capabilities, such as highly-granular service level agreements, enabled by the VellOS platform,” said Jon Vestal, VP of Product Architecture, Pacnet.  “PEN, leveraging our wholly-owned network of data centers and subsea cable network, delivers scalable bandwidth and software-enabled intelligence, allowing customers to dynamically provision bandwidth in minutes through an OpenFlow based software controller. With the introduction of PEN, we are at the forefront of industry efforts to meet the networking challenges prompted by the growth of cloud computing.”

These tiered SLAs are made possible by a number of innovative Connectivity Exchange features, including on-demand provisioning, just-in-time provisioning, bandwidth calendaring, and automatic path recalculation and failover.

For example, Pacnet customers can provision links between remote data centers through a self-service portal and Application Programming Interface (API).  When there is a need to move workloads across data centers they can dynamically request higher bandwidth (and pay a premium) only during this period and automatically revert to the original settings.  If there is any failure on the links or at the data center, VellOS Connectivity Exchange will automatically recalculate an alternate path while maintaining SLA compliance.

PEN will be available in 10 data centers in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore at launch in Q1 2014, followed by the US and China by first half of 2014, and eventually expand to all its interconnected data centers across 14 cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

“What we’ve achieved at Pacnet is a signal example of the significant economic and operational benefits that truly open systems can deliver,” said Karl May, Chief Executive Officer, Vello Systems. “The Pacnet PEN offering based on the VellOS Connectivity Exchange application represents what can be achieved in an application and environment-aware network that can adapt dynamically to changing resource requirements of critical business applications.”

VellOS provides an automatic network discovery and fine-grained visibility, giving customers a graphical view of all the elements in the network that it has control over.  Administrators use application policies to automatically set up the paths between end points (servers, apps, storage or end customers), defining quickly and easily which endpoints can talk to which other endpoints and with what SLAs across distributed sites. This process is quick, simple to accomplish and makes light work of an otherwise time consuming and error-prone manual task.

VellOS’ integrated Connectivity Exchange application allows PEN-enabled data centers to achieve superior utilization levels from its existing network links (both LAN and WAN).  Today’s need to over provision links between data centers occurs because administrators simply do not have the level of control that they need. The VellOS Connectivity Exchange gives network administrators the ability to define how much bandwidth a particular application should be provisioned with through the network.

About Vello Systems

Vello Systems’ unique application infrastructure software re-imagines how IT operational teams view and control the underlying networks used to implement business-critical services that run on top of them.  By removing existing dependencies on the glacial R&D cycles of legacy networking hardware and replacing them with a proven cost-effective, open, standards-based software architecture, business agility, reliability and competitive advantage are all significantly enhanced by Vello across the entire IT estate.  Vello’s software solutions are built around the company’s VellOS Linux distribution network operating system and integrate easily with leading IT solutions from companies such as EMC and Splunk.  Vello also fully supports all validated third-party hardware and software ecosystem components that are part of a VellOS deployment.  Vello solutions have been deployed with Fortune 500-class customers in mission-critical environments worldwide. For more information contact www.vellosystems.com.

About Pacnet
Pacnet is Asia-Pacific’s leading provider of managed data connectivity solutions to major telecommunications carriers, large multinational enterprises and government entities in the Asia-Pacific region. Ownership of the region’s most extensive high-capacity submarine cable systems with over 46,000 km of fiber and connectivity to interconnected data centers across 14 cities in the Asia-Pacific region gives Pacnet unparalleled reach to major business centers in key markets including China, India, Japan and the United States. Combined with a comprehensive set of managed network and value-added data center services, its assets and experience in the region have helped Pacnet service large businesses worldwide including Fortune 500 companies. Pacnet is headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore, with offices in all key markets in the Asia-Pacific region and North America. For more information, please visit: www.pacnet.com.

About Mirantis

Mirantis is the number one pure-play OpenStack company. Mirantis delivers all the software, services, training and support needed for running OpenStack. More customers rely on Mirantis than any other company to get to production deployment of OpenStack at scale. Among the top five companies worldwide in contributing open source software to OpenStack, Mirantis has helped build and deploy some of the largest OpenStack clouds at companies such as AT&T, Cisco WebEx, Comcast, Dell, The Gap, NASA, NTT Docomo, PayPal, Red Hat, Sprint and Verizon. Mirantis is venture-backed by Intel, Dell, Red Hat and WestSummit Capital. For more information, visit www.mirantis.com or follow us on Twitter at @mirantisit.

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