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Verizon and Nokia conduct live 5G pre-commercial trial in Dallas-Fort Worth #MWC16

by david.nunes

Verizon and Nokia conduct live 5G pre-commercial trial in Dallas-Fort Worth #MWC16


  • Collaboration represents first true field trial environment with all tests conducted outdoors and using a residential environment


22 February, 2016


Irving, Texas, USA – Nokia is accelerating the testing of 5G technology in real-world environments, most recently collaborating with Verizon on a field trial that is the first conducted completely out-of-doors and in a residential environment. The two companies performed the successful pre-commercial 5G trial in January on Verizon’s live Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex network.

One of the use cases tested was for extreme broadband in which wired broadband access to residential and commercial buildings was replaced with wireless. Nokia and Verizon tested outdoor to indoor penetration to an apartment in a residential development. To complement this, the team also simulated a wide array of alternative building materials, complete with electrical and plumbing services. The wireless broadband solution successfully delivered Ultra HD 4K video content on multiple end user devices on the 5G wireless network with superior speed of traffic and data throughput. 5G is an alternative to fiber to the home to speed up deployments for broadband services that provide far more capacity than current fiber connections.

An additional use case trialed the substantially reduced 5G latency in applications where the latency of feedback is critical, such as telemedicine, rehabilitation, gaming and entertainment, as well as in areas requiring the handling of dangerous materials, like public safety. 

Click to tweet: #5G trial conducted by @Nokia and @Verizon demonstrates successful testing in outdoor real-world environment http://nokia.ly/1Vss4ay

Nokia 5G trial system at a glance:

  • Nokia used its pre-commercial radio system, running at 73GHz and 28GHz providing a fixed wireless broadband services environment.
  • The link achieved speeds of multiple Gbps in a real environment with a spectral bandwidth of 1GHz and ~1ms one-way air interface latency.

Ed Chan, Senior Vice President, Technology Strategy & Planning for Verizon, said: “Verizon continues to accelerate innovation around 5G technology by working closely with our partners. We were the first to launch 4G nationwide. With 5G, we will again drive innovation across the technology landscape.”

Samih Elhage, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “We are thrilled that Verizon continues its strong commitment to 5G. Nokia’s 5G solution will help Verizon virtualize services to subscribers and businesses, and eliminate cost and complexities of rollout and management of new services. The data collected during the field trials and use cases is the next step for driving the 5G tests from the lab environment into a solution that will allow Verizon to transition from field trials to commercial deployments.”


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