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Vertiv Extends Liebert PCW Range with Highest Efficiency Chilled Water Solution

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New Liebert PCW high chilled water delta T offers medium to large data centres increased cooling capacity and pPUE values below 1.1

Vertiv, formerly Emerson Network Power, today announced the extension of the Liebert® PCW product family to bring highest energy efficiencies and improved cooling capacities for medium to large data centres. Available in Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA), Asia Pacific and South America, the Liebert PCW high chilled water delta T series has been designed to maximise freecooling operations at higher temperatures to support entire critical infrastructures, providing partial Power Usage Effectiveness (pPUE) below 1.1.

The Liebert PCW range is available from 25 to 220 kW and is equipped with the most advanced industry technology designed to maximise efficiency, as well as grant the necessary air supply to the servers. The large cooling capacity of the Liebert PCW high chilled water delta T range has been optimised for water regimes of 20-32°C, and supply air temperatures within the latest ASHRAE envelopes. The delta T represents the difference between the inlet and outlet water temperature and its increase allows significant energy savings and greater cooling capacity. The chilled water system can be enhanced even further when coupled with Liebert AFC adiabatic freecooling chillers, available with both scroll and screw compressors, guaranteeing utmost efficiency and maximising freecooling operation all year round.

The integrated Vertiv ICOM™ control, based on a specific SmartAisle™ algorithm, adjusts the airflow to the servers’ needs without wasting a single Watt on unnecessary cooling or air movement. Furthermore, Vertiv LIFE™ Services deliver remote diagnostics and preventive monitoring, providing service experts the real-time insights and information needed to quickly identify, diagnose and resolve any irregularities that may arise in operation – ultimately taking responsibility for your critical assets.

“The Liebert PCW provides IT managers a one-stop-shop for increasing cooling capacities, as well as improving energy consumption in their data centres,” said Kevin Brady, vice president of thermal management for Vertiv in EMEA. “This range expansion is the latest addition to an award winning portfolio, recently recognised by Frost & Sullivan as the most comprehensive array of data centre cooling products across the EMEA region. This stems from our strong domain knowledge combined with deep customer understanding achieved at our Customer Experience Centre, that allows customers and consultants to experience the capabilities of Vertiv solutions at peak conditions. By continuously developing and refining our portfolio we are able to deliver best in class technologies that meet the data centre needs of the future.”

“Vertiv’s new product launches, complemented by its technology excellence, will boost its customer acquisition and retention potential,” noted Gautham Gnanajothi, Frost & Sullivan senior industry analyst, upon the recognition of the 2017 EMEA Data Centre Cooling Product Leadership Award. “Vertiv’s strong R&D culture combined with extensive intellectual property has enabled the company to truly demonstrate product differentiation, ultimately providing it with a unique edge in a highly competitive market.”

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