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VIAWEB Uses Telit Technology to Implement Remote Monitoring Alarm System

by david.nunes

VIAWEB Uses Telit Technology to Implement Remote Monitoring Alarm System

System uses Telit’s GPRS module to wirelessly control alarm system from Internet and mobile devices

Raleigh, N.C. and São Paulo – August 14, 2013 – VIAWEB, a developer of connected security and control systems, announced that the GE865-QUAD module from Telit Wireless Solutions, a global provider of high-quality machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, products and services is to be integrated in their monitored alarm system, Módulo VIAWEB GPRS Universal. The alarm system from VIAWEB uses Telit’s GPRS module to allow alarm event data to be sent wirelessly – independent of landline availability – making event data control efficient and in real time from any connected device. The system is designed to transmit alarms via the Internet and cellular communications and provides device remote control from laptop computers, smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad or Android.

The Módulo VIAWEB GPRS Universal can be applied to new and existing alarm systems, and small to large customers can use it. It is very customizable and can be tailored to specific needs. If a customer already has an alarm system installed that uses landline communication, it is easy to implement the Módulo VIAWEB GPRS Universal to upgrade that system for wireless data communication. But it also can be used in new systems designed for a customer’s specific needs such as monitoring through the Internet or mobile devices. The system is very reliable and secure and uses encryption for all data communications, further increasing security.

“Alarm system technology has evolved a lot over the years. Robbers and saboteurs easily disable landline technology. The GPRS communication means a wireless, streamlined, constant and in real-time data transmission”, said Eliane Wollmann Wedderhoff, VIAWEB director. “We chose Telit’s module because of its reliability. The fact that they are robust and have a great performance was also important.”

The GE865-QUAD is the ideal solution for embedded cellular applications where small size and energy efficiency are crucial. Measuring only 22mm x 22mm x 3mm, the GE865-QUAD is significantly smaller than most cellular modules in the industry. It features an optimized power consumption profile with very low standby current compared to the majority of current competing products. Because of its extremely compact form factor and a rich set of features, including an on-board Python interpreter, it is well positioned for vertical application areas such as telemetry, mobile asset tracking telematics and telemedicine.

“The security segment is one of the most important in the Latin American M2M market. Solutions developed here are among the best in the world and Telit is happy to support its customers with great products and value added services,” said Ricardo Buranello, Telit Latin America Director. “The VIAWEB system is highly flexible and affordable without sacrificing quality and reliability. It provides the means to control the alarm system from connected devices such as mobile phones and tablets and points to the future of this market.”

Ten years on, leveraging the industry’s broadest portfolio of hardware in cellular, short range and positioning technologies, artfully complemented by services and connectivity from m2mAIR, Telit is M2M’s One-Stop Shop for system integrators. By applying products and services in synergizing bundles, delivered with global support and logistics matching each individual need or want, Telit minimizes technical risk shortening time to market to the Internet of Things. Now, innovate!

About Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions (AIM: TCM listed under Telit Communications PLC), is a global enabler of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications providing cellular, short range and positioning module products; and through its business unit m2mAIR, M2M managed and value added services, including connectivity. Telit is M2M’s top one-stop-shop offering synergistic hardware and value added services bundles. With over 12 years exclusively in M2M, the company constantly advances technology through six R&D centers around the globe; and markets products and services in over 80 countries.

By supplying scalable products interchangeable across families, technologies and generations, Telit is able to curb development costs, protect design investments and reduce technical risk. The company provides customer support and design-in assistance through 27 sales and support offices, a global distributor network of experts with over 30 competence centers, and the Telit Technical Support Forum.

Telit connects organizations to the Internet of Things (IoT) allowing them to wirelessly collect, process and respond to real-world data from connected devices, creating new efficiencies, revenue streams, societal and personal benefits. Join the conversation and learn more about Telit and its customers’ innovative applications on Facebook and Twitter.

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