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Viewbiquity Releases InfiniVi Video Storage Platform for Service Providers

by david.nunes

Viewbiquity Releases InfiniVi Video Storage Platform for Service Providers

Scalable and Highly-Efficient Video Storage Platform Facilitates Video Surveillance Service Offerings Targeting

Customers from Residential to Large Enterprise

Wilmington, North Carolina, May 1, 2012—Clear2there, a leading provider of advanced video surveillance and M2M solutions for service providers and enterprises, today announced the general availability of the InfiniVi Video Storage Platform during the Communications Supply Service Association (CSSA) STAR Conference in Wilmington, NC.  Designed to provide simple and cost-effective storage and retrieval of video surveillance data, InfiniVi is the latest innovative solution that Clear2there has licensed from Viewbiquity, a leading provider of open-source cloud-based Machine- to-Machine (M2M) platforms.

“We chose to launch InfiniVi at the CSSA STAR Conference because this organization’s membership comprises some of the most aggressive innovators in providing telecom and data services to communities nationwide, said Craig Steen, Clear2there president and chief executive officer. “With the rapid expansion of fiber and broadband connectivity to the customer premise, local service providers are in a unique position to leverage the high-bandwidth last mile connection to provide high-value services such as video surveillance at very competitive yet profitable rates.”

Designed to operate in the local central office or at any location in the service provider’s network, InfiniVi is a fault-tolerant storage solution that leverages the Viewbiquity Cloud Interface (VCI) M2M platform to eliminate costly and power-hungry CPUs and legacy storage controllers that consume as much as half of the power in a traditional network attached storage system. In addition, with fully-redundant control elements, the InfinVi platform uses about fifty percent of the rack space of other storage systems.

“The simple architecture of the InfinVi platform not only addresses the fact that storage often makes up 45% of the total cost of surveillance systems, but the built-in fault-tolerance and redundancy complemented by the elimination of unnecessary control elements should be very appealing to any company interested in building a video surveillance business,” said Dilip Sarangan, senior strategist and consultant at Compass Intelligence. “And, the lower power consumption of the system should certainly contribute to the business case for many service providers.”


About Clear2there: Clear2there is an innovative, full-service provider of feature-rich video surveillance, communications, and M2M solutions for businesses. Based in Oklahoma City and Deerfield Beach, Florida, Clear2there works with national distribution partners, and offers a team of dedicated support staff to assist in all phases of implementation. For additional information, visit www.clear2there.com.


About Viewbiquity

Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Viewbiquity is a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions for enterprises, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. The company is privately held, and serves customers throughout North America, Europe and Asia through a distribution network that includes service providers and integrators. To learn more, visit www.viewbiquity.com.


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