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Vimond Enables Cross-Format Streaming Between Finland’s MTV 3 & Norway’s TV 2 Web for Big Brother

by david.nunes

Vimond Enables Cross-Format Streaming Between Finland’s MTV3 and Norway’s TV 2 Web Portals During ‘Big Brother’ Participant Swap

BERGEN, Norway Dec. 21, 2011 — Vimond Media Solutions has enabled Finland’s MTV3 and Norway’s TV 2 to stream live video content to each other’s Web portals using the Vimond Online TV platform. When houseguests from the Finnish and Norwegian “Big Brother” houses switched places recently, viewers in both countries could follow those contestants easily via their respective TV stations’ Web portals thanks to Vimond’s format-agnostic platform. 

MTV3 and TV 2 use different formats to stream their broadcasts, but because the Vimond platform can stream content in any format, viewers in one country could see video from the other country’s TV station. People in Finland watching MTV3’s Katsomo Web portal could choose the Norway camera to view the girl who went to Norway, and vice versa for those in Norway watching TV 2’s Sumo portal. Upon choosing a camera, the stream from Finland would be redirected to the Norway portal and vice versa. 

“Vimond technology has allowed these two stations to integrate in an advanced way to create a viewing experience the end-user could control,” said Helge Høibraaten, CEO of Vimond Media Solutions. “Because both channels use the Vimond platform, Katsomo and Sumo could easily stream their content to each other on demand, and because Vimond can transcode virtually any format, this unique switch was a simple task. People could watch ‘Big Brother’ on the Web and follow their favorite person around the house — or to a different country — simply by choosing which camera stream they wanted to view.” 

The advanced Vimond platform provides a comprehensive environment for managing and delivering multiformat over-the-top (OTT) services, with full facilities for all creative, logistical, and business aspects of the operation. With its modular architecture, Vimond offers sophisticated tools and controls for every aspect of an OTT service, from ingest and encoding, through conditional access to business intelligence reporting.

Further information on Vimond Media Solutions and its products is available at www.vimond.com or by phone at +47 93 22 95 70.


About Vimond Media Solutions
Vimond Media Solutions AS (www.vimond.com) develops and markets the Vimond online TV platform. Based in Bergen, Norway, Vimond is one of a number of successful technology companies spun off from national broadcaster TV 2, together with Vizrt, StormGeo, and Mosart Medialab. After more than 10 years of technology development and use in production at Scandinavia’s biggest commercial online video enterprise, TV 2 Sumo, Vimond was established in 2011 to make advanced solutions available to other broadcasters launching multiscreen over-the-top services. The Vimond platform provides a comprehensive environment for managing highly efficient streaming of content to cellphones, tablet computers, gaming consoles, connected TVs, and Blu-ray™ players. With its depth of experience and expertise, Vimond is a leading player in the field, serving a rapidly growing roster of customers that includes TV4 in Sweden, MTV3 in Finland, TV 2 in Norway, and pan-Nordic distributor CMore. 


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