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Visonic Announces PowerG™—Groundbreaking Technology for its Market-leading Intrusion Alarm Systems

by david.nunes

New wireless technology delivers reliability closer than ever to wired systems and unmatched

benefits to security professionals, central monitoring stations and end users.

Tel-Aviv, Israel – November 15, 2010 – Visonic Ltd., a leading developer and manufacturer of wireless home security and safety systems and components, today announced PowerG™—the company’s patent-pending, revolutionary wireless technology for intrusion alarm systems. PowerG will be the underlying technology for all new Visonic intrusion alarm systems and solutions.

PowerG introduces a new era in the industry of alarm systems, literally redefining wireless intrusion security and reliability. It fully answers the most demanding needs and requirements facing the security industry today, as well as the challenges of tomorrow.

“We are extremely excited about this technological breakthrough and regard it as another step in reinforcing Visonic’s position as an innovative and market-leading company” says Avi Barir, Visonic President and CEO. “This innovation gives us the ability to further penetrate into our existing markets and to enter new ones.”

With PowerG-enabled intrusion alarm systems, security professionals and central stations can:

  • Provide a wireless alarm system that has strength and reliability closer than ever to that of a wired system
  • Support their environment with a green, energy-saving solution
  • Expand their business to include large premises and new applications
  • Save money and time with fast and easy installations

The Pinnacle of Robustness and Reliability

PowerG network uses Two-Way Low-Power Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology –similar to technologies used in military communication systems. The network continuously hops between multiple frequencies spread over the entire assigned frequency band. This ensures that each transmission arrives uninterrupted at its destination. Frequency hopping is achieved using a unique encrypted pseudo-random sequence known only to the devices enrolled in the alarm panel.

In addition, similar to the GSM cellular network, PowerG employs full two-way synchronized Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) communication technology: each device in the PowerG network is allocated unique timeslots for full two-way data transmission with the panel, streamlining communication and increasing channel efficiency.

By using FHSS and TDMA technologies, the PowerG network successfully overcomes intentional and unintentional interferences, jamming, and collisions. As a result, the robustness and reliability of the wireless network increases dramatically.

Huge Transmission Range

PowerG employs advanced radio and diversity antenna technologies that, when combined with FHSS and synchronized TDMA communication, result in an extremely large transmission range of over 2000m (6000ft) (line of sight). This is far greater than the industry standard—enabling repeater-free installations even in very large premises.

Top Security for Wireless Communication

PowerG employs the proven AES-128 encryption algorithm used in modern communication, exceeding the most demanding industry security standards. Transmissions are authenticated and encrypted to ensure correct message identification and to protect the alarm system against code grabbing and message substitution by hackers and sophisticated intruders.

Longer Battery Life Ensures an Environment-friendly Solution

PowerG incorporates an adaptive transmission power mechanism: each device in the network continuously measures the communication quality and automatically sets its transmission power to the minimum required for reliable communication with the panel. As a result, battery life of devices can exceed eight years, and the air is “cleaner” due to the minimized transmissions.

Support for Advanced Applications

PowerG was designed to handle a substantially high bandwidth, enabling the network to transmit large amounts of data in a short time. This provides the infrastructure for future solutions, such as installations with numerous devices, audio and video alarm verification applications.

Advanced Tools for System Configuration and Maintenance

PowerG-enabled alarm systems are equipped with a new toolset that significantly simplifies and shortens installation time and provides the means for fast and effective system configuration and maintenance. In addition to on-site and remote configuration, installers get a powerful on-site and remote RF diagnostic tool and remote walk testing.

“PowerG introduces the level of security and reliability that was long called for in intrusion alarm systems” says Dr. Motti Mushkin, a wireless communication expert. “Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum combined with AES provides a robust solution for the necessary data transfer rates and network protection. No doubt Visonic’s technology addresses current and future industry needs.”

“Due to the rapid and ubiquitous adoption of wireless communication, performance of wireless security systems can be hindered by collisions, interferences, and jamming, all of which need to be addressed” says Laila Arad-Allan, Visonic’s VP Marketing. “Furthermore, our customers require reduced on-site maintenance and shortened installation time. These market needs call for an entirely new technology that will lead the industry into new magnitudes of robustness, integrity and usability. PowerG is that technology.”

Visonic PowerG-based intrusion alarm systems are already being extensively tested in beta sites worldwide, and have proven to be highly reliable in harsh environments and extreme conditions. The first PowerG-based alarm systems will be commercially available in January 2011.

For more information visit Visonic’s web site and download “PowerG Technology Overview” www.visonic.com/innovation-technologies/technology-leadership

About Visonic

The Visonic Group (TASE:VSC.TA), founded in 1973, is a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge home security systems and components that provide people around the world peace of mind and safety in their homes. Building on its decades-long position at the forefront of home security innovation, Visonic is today leading the drive to expand the boundaries of security, offering advanced solutions to the full range of residential safety needs, from securing the house and contents to safeguarding the health and comfort of the people who live there.

Visonic’s offerings include a wide variety of home security systems, personal emergency response and safety systems, and a market-leading variety of peripherals. Visonic is headquartered in Israel, where it operates a development center and manufacturing plant. Its sales and marketing subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, UK, Poland, Spain and Hong Kong are supplemented by a worldwide network of distributors, serving a growing installed based that spans more than 70 countries. Please visit www.visonic.com.

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