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Vodacom DRC Attends Africa Digital Expo

by Anthony Weaver

The Democratic Republic of Congo will host the 11th edition of the Africa Digital Expo (ADEX 2022) from the 3rd to the
5th of November 2022 in Kinshasa. The Minister of Digital Affairs, Désiré-Cashmir Kolongele Eberande, announced the
event at the Council of Ministers on Friday, October 14, 2022. This comes to support the DRC’s ambition to accelerate
migration to a digital economy, as called by the president of the DRC, His Excellency Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo.
Organized in partnership with One Africa Leader, the annual meeting will bring more than 400 participants from more
than 20 countries, including Vodacom RDC, to discuss the theme “Digitalization, priority for the African Emergence.” For
two days, digital professionals will participate in panels, debates, and meetings between the public and private sectors
to accelerate the digital transition of the continent.
“ADEX 2022 is an opportunity for Africa to build a sustainable digital society. One that would accelerate the growth of
vital sectors in the DRC and Central Africa for inclusive economic growth”, said Pamela Ilunga (Deputy Managing Director
– Vodacom DRC).
The agenda will feature discussions on strategic topics related to the main orientations to digitize African economies and
societies, the issues of connectivity and technological infrastructures, the development of digital skills, and establishing
a digital culture. This also includes FinTech, Agri-Tech, e-Health, e-Education, and e-Administration, as well as the evolving
role of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Blockchain, and e-Commerce in the African digital landscape.
About Vodacom DRC
Vodacom Congo is the leading mobile telecommunication company in the DRC, providing a wide range of communication
services including mobile voice, messaging, internet, financial and converged services to more than 15 million individuals
and corporate customers.
A subsidiary of the Vodacom Group (Pty) Limited, South Africa which is also a subsidiary of the Vodafone Group, UK,
Vodacom Congo has committed to create a better society by delivering on its purpose to connect communities and
individuals in even the most remote areas through its state-of-the-art technology. Indeed, as a goal-oriented company
built on three pillars, namely, maintaining a digital society, fostering inclusion for all, and protecting the planet, Vodacom
relies on its advanced technology, products and services to connect individuals, communities and businesses in a world
that has become highly digitized

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