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Special connectivity offers for jobseekers including price discounts and data offers extended globally

Vodafone to donate Facebook advertising to jobseekers, allowing them to target recruiters

Vodafone is launching a comprehensive support package for jobseekers in Europe, Turkey, Egypt and South Africa, combining price discounts and data offers, continued access to learning and skills with Udemy and Vodafone’s Future Jobs Finder tool. 

Vodafone is also donating Facebook advertising to jobseekers in some markets, helping them to promote their profiles using Facebook banner advertising to reach hiring managers. 

The new support package follows a successful initiative in the UK in November 2020 which offered unlimited 5G data, calls and texts for just £10 a month to anyone who had lost their job as a result of the pandemic.  This will be extended for a further six months from today to coincide with the launch in other markets.

Alex Froment-Curtil, Vodafone Group Commercial Director, said: “For people who have found themselves out of work as a result of the pandemic, staying connected is even more critical to finding a new job, reskilling and keeping in touch during a difficult time. We know that job seekers will be under financial pressure, so our jobseekers.connected initiative is our way of helping them to find new roles, develop and learn new skills and explore new career opportunities in technology.”

The measures announced today by Vodafone include:

Connectivity offers:  Vodafone is launching special connectivity offers to keep jobseekers connected and support them while they are searching for a new career opportunity.  These offers will range from discounts on mobile and converged plans, free extra mobile data allowances and zero-rating access to job portals to ensure that access does not come from data allowances.

Profile promotion:  Vodafone is donating Facebook advertising and media investment spend to jobseekers, enabling them to promote their profiles and highlight their CV with suitable potential employers.  Candidates in participating Vodafone markets in Europe will be shortlisted online, and those selected will feature in special Facebook ‘adverts’ to reach hiring managers.

New Skills:  Vodafone has extended its exclusive partnership with the global e-learning marketplace Udemy, originally launched in 2020 providing access to 600+ free, curated courses on personal growth, productivity and professional skills, and essential tech skills.  This will be complemented with additional learning for career development and other local partnerships for e-learning where available.

Job Opportunities:  Vodafone’s Future Jobs Finder tool is available in every Vodafone market, helping users of all ages and backgrounds to find digital or technology job opportunities and build a CV.  For jobseekers whose background is in non-technology fields, Future Jobs Finder also helps identify transferable skills and strengths, giving recommendations on tech professions and e-learning suited to people’s backgrounds and aptitudes.

This is the first initiative following the launch of Vodafone’s new brand positioning – ‘Together We Can’ – demonstrating Vodafone’s belief that the partnership between technology and society can build a better future.

Vodafone recognises that its role in society is more vital than ever, and is committed to building a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable digital society where everyone is connected through access to Gigabit Networks.

Vodafone is demonstrating its vision of an everyone.connected future through four initiatives:

  • Jobseekers and other propositions to address inequalities
  • Providing free digital advice, digital tools and end-to-end solutions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the backbone of our economies
  • Enabling access to education through connecting skills, e-learning platforms and digital skills development
  • Bridging urban and rural divides through rural connectivity

In January 2021, Vodafone announced that the Vodafone Foundation will invest a further €20 million over the next five years to expand Foundation digital skills and education programmes by funding local initiatives in sixteen Vodafone markets. This investment is expected to reach 16 million learners by 2025.

The programmes, delivered in partnership with charities and NGOs, will enable people to develop their knowledge and skills in using digital technologies, with the goal to reach millions of primary and secondary learners, those who are not in education, employment or training, and the elderly.

To enable society to build back better, by no later than July 2021 Vodafone’s European network will be powered by 100% renewable electricity.  Vodafone also has set a global carbon enablement target of 350m tonnes CO2e over the ten years to 2030, equivalent to the annual carbon emissions of Italy, which will be delivered through the digital services Vodafone provides to its customers.

Notes for Editors

Vodafone’s 5-Point Plan – keeping society connected

Vodafone’s 5-Point Plan, announced in March 2020 as the initial phase of COVID-19 started, has seen Vodafone make a make a significant contribution to society through a consistent approach across all our markets, including:

·         Expanding network capacity by 60% in some markets to meet a near 50% rise in demand – on top of planned network investments.

·         Sending over 250 million text messages with free public health information, including 200 million in Africa and 50 million in Europe.

·         Supporting more than 1.5 million healthcare workers through €6 million of donated funds and devices across Europe, Africa and Turkey.

·         Helping more than 15 million people through zero-rating health sites, including 13.5 million in Tanzania.

·         Enabling more than 5.2 million students to access free digital education, including 3.5 million in Africa and 1.3 million in Europe.

·         Supporting 4.3 million business customers across Europe.

·         Ensuring that more than €16 billion per month in safe transactions can be transmitted through M-Pesa across our African markets.

As the crisis continues to unfold, Vodafone has expanded support for society including:

·         Free and upgraded products and services for healthcare staff and other frontline workers, consumers and business customers, focussed on SOHO and SME’s. 

·         Rolled out low-cost tariffs for vulnerable groups, including the unemployed.

·         Connected schools and pupils.

·         Organised donations of devices and connectivity to charities, vulnerable persons and students.

·         Continued to provide free educational and learning resources.

·         Encouraged employees to volunteer in support of COVID vaccination efforts.

·         Vodafone Foundation and Imperial College London enlisted the DreamLab app in the fight against COVID-19, completing Phase 1 of the Corona-AI project in six months.

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