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Vodafone selects the XINTEC’s FMSlite Fraud Management System

by david.nunes

Vodafone selects the XINTEC’s FMSlite Fraud Management System

Luxembourg, 24th September 2008 – FMSlite the world’s first lightweight Fraud Management System (FMS) for near-real-time roaming fraud detection, has been selected by Vodafone Malta for immediate implementation. With a view to overcoming the challenges of roaming-related fraud, a phenomenon which continues to erode mobile operator revenues worldwide, the FMSlite platform is a lightweight, cost-effective and powerful fraud management system providing a complete set of collection, detection, reporting and dashboard features to ensure fraud detection and the near-real-time monitoring of mobile calls. Vodafone’s choice accompanies the mandatory introduction of near-real-time roaming data exchange (NRTRDE) on 1st October 2008 by the GSM Association – the industry’s global trade association representing more than 750 GSM operators – urging networks need to quickly upgrade their fraud detection capabilities to remain competitive. This unique FMS will give Vodafone immediate access to critical information at a fraction of the cost of a full-blown “total” FMS. More than just detecting fraud, FMSlite will allow Vodafone to apply different detection techniques in near real time, such as suspicious destinations, excessive high usage, hotlist checking and smart thresholds. In addition to supporting NRTRDE, this innovative FMS offers a growing feature list including MVNO support, dual-IMSI support, and home network fraud detection. About Vodafone Vodafone Group Plc is the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company, and provides a full range of mobile telecommunications services, including voice and data communications. Vodafone has equity interests in 26 countries and partner networks in a further 33 countries, with a proportionate customer base of over 179 million worldwide. For more information vist www.vodafone.com About XINTEC XINTEC – founded in 2007 in Luxembourg – provides innovative roaming and NRTRDE software solutions to mobile network operators. Bringing together a team of industry experts with core technical development skills in the areas of inter‐operator billing, rating and fraud management, XINTEC is committed to bringing to market new and exciting new products and services, ultimately promising value to network operators.

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