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Vodafone UK reduces business travel costs by over a quarter through mobile working

by david.nunes
  • Business flights reduced by 26% in 1 year
  • Flight reduction cuts CO2 emissions by 617 tonnes
  • Reduced flights, reduced emissions, cost savings and improved productivity are all benefits of mobile working and unified communications solutions

Vodafone UK was today recognised by WWF-UK for reducing its business flights by 26% in just one year.

As a founding member of WWF’s One in Five Challenge, Vodafone UK committed to cutting the number of business flights by 20% over 5 years. Over a period of 12 months Vodafone UK has slashed its flights by more than a quarter by encouraging mobile working and reducing the need to travel.

The reduction in flights has allowed Vodafone UK to significantly reduce its carbon footprint for travel, representing a carbon dioxide saving of around 617 tonnes. But according to Peter Kelly, Vodafone UK’s Enterprise Director, the benefits don’t stop with a smaller carbon footprint. “It’s great for the environment, but with around 3,500 fewer flights we’ve also achieved significant cost reductions. We’re passionate about the potential of our unified communications solutions, to enable our customers to make similar CO2 and cost reductions as well as increase productivity.”

“The ICT industry has a vital role to play in building a more sustainable society, primarily through creating alternatives to traditional travel. Aviation is one the fastest growing sources of carbon emissions today so the more solutions that are available to reduce the need to travel, the better,” commented Lucy Bertenshaw, WWF’s Transport Campaign Manager. “Vodafone UK has achieved the One in Five Challenge by making the most of its own technology.”

This announcement comes on the back of research, published this week by Vodafone UK, into the benefits of flexible working. The research says that around 39% of CIOs (Chief Information Officers) believe that enabling flexible working is a priority in order to improve customer service, efficiency and staff retention. Reducing environmental impact was also one of the key benefits identified by CIOs in the research.

Despite this, the research showed that nearly half (47%) of corporate and public sector workers say they are not currently provided with any mobile working tools, such as a smartphone, laptop or secure remote access. As Vodafone UK has demonstrated, organisations embracing these technologies through unified communications solutions, can achieve real environmental and business benefits

About the One in Five Challenge

· WWF’s One in Five Challenge helps companies and government cut their costs as well as their carbon emissions from business travel.

· Participants commit to cut 20% of their business flights within five years. The Challenge is a guided programme and award scheme which suggests practical ways to cut flying and use lower-carbon ways of staying connected.

· For more information about the One in Five Challenge go to wwf.org.uk/oneinfive or call 01483 412 506.

About the research

Survey conducted in June 2010 amongst 210 CIOs in 500 employee (+) organisations in the public and private sectors, alongside more than 1200 employees in 500 employee (+) organisations. The survey was carried out online by Opinion Matters. All research conducted adheres to the MRS Codes of Conduct 2010.

For further information please contact:

Vodafone UK External Communications

+44 (0) 1635 666777

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