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Volubill Named in Two Gartner Hype Cycle Reports

by david.nunes

Volubill Recognized in Two Gartner Hype Cycle Reports for Leadership in Convergent Policy and Charging Solutions for Communications Service Providers


Reports demonstrate increasing importance of integrating policy and charging solutions to expand mobile data services and enhance customer experience

London, United Kingdom—September 7, 2011—Volubill, the leading provider of charging and policy solutions, announced today that it has been included in the Gartner Hype Cycle Reports on the Telecommunications Industry and Communications Service Provider (CSP) Infrastructure as a major player in the rapidly growing area of Integrated Policy and Charging Control Solutions.

“Operators of all kinds are examining integrated policy and charging solutions as a way to control network resources in real time, and increase customer satisfaction,” said Norbert Scholz, Research VP, Network and Communications Equipment, Gartner. “With the help of a combined solution, CSPs will yield greater benefits by freeing up capacity and delivering higher quality service experiences for end users.”

Gartner’s Hype Cycle reports highlight the benefits that Volubill’s recently restructured Volubill Business System (VBS) product, which fully integrates functions for policy and real-time charging, has for operator’s evolving business models. In particular, VBS enables operators to evolve mobile data pricing structures to support more two-sided models, such as mobile customer loyalty rewards programs, bill-shock reduction and centralized policy control for multi-tenancy and multi-market infrastructures.

“Being named in two of Gartner’s Hype Cycle gives credence to the value that Volubill’s integrated policy and charging solutions deliver to operators,” said John Aalbers, Volubill CEO. “As CSPs expand their business offerings to encompass applications, converged services and smart devices, integrated policy and charging control solutions will become immensely important. Already, we see policy and charging moving closer together, and we expect this to continue to gain momentum, elevating policy’s role within operators’ organizations to be a more critical, business-enabling technology.”

Gartner’s Hype Cycle is an annual maturity assessment of more than 1,800 technologies and trends. The Hype Cycle for the Telecommunications Industry examines how integrated policy and charging control solutions enable CSPs to enact real time control of their network resources. The Hype Cycle for Communications Service Provider Infrastructure examines how CSPs can keep costs down while securing future revenues through innovations that offer tangible end-user benefits in terms of bandwidth, mobility, sophisticated devices and near-ubiquitous video.

About Volubill

Volubill provides policy management, policy enforcement and charging solutions to telecommunications service providers. With the exponential growth in the volume of mobile data traffic and increasing customer expectation, Volubill’s solutions enable operators to maximize revenues, and eliminate revenue leakage and fraud whilst delivering a personalized service experience. Volubill is global, with over 80 operator customers worldwide.

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March Communications

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