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Vox Telecom Selects Sandvine and Core2Africa For Usage Management Solution

by david.nunes



Vox Telecom Selects Sandvine and Core2Africa For


Usage Management Solution


South African subscribers to benefit from choice of service plans




Waterloo, ON; November 3, 2011 –Sandvine, (TSX:SVC; AIM:SAND) a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions, and reseller partner Core2Africa Networks, today announced that Vox Telecom Limited,  a leading telecoms operator providing fixed and mobile services to the southern African marketplace, has selected Sandvine for its access-agnostic Usage Management solution. In addition, Vox Telecom is leveraging Sandvine’s Global Services expertise to ensure that key elements of their solution design are strategically aligned with business objectives. Vox Telecom, named one of South Africa’s fastest growing companies in late 2010, became a Sandvine customer during the Company’s third quarter.




Sandvine’s Usage Management solution allows operators to segment their subscriber base for the purposes of creating tiered service plans, that more closely match subscriber usage patterns and offer users greater choice when selecting their plan.  For example, subscribers may opt into a social networking tier that offers unlimited Facebook and Twitter usage.  Another user may opt into a tier that offers off-peak incentives to those who use the Internet heavily to download videos. 




In addition, Vox is tapping into the expertise of Sandvine’s consulting services for assistance with solution planning, design and network assessment.  Engaging Sandvine for solution planning consultation allows the operator to clearly define business and technical requirements from all project stakeholders.  Other benefits include accelerating the time to market for the new service tiers and lowering the total cost of ownership.




“Vox Telecom is eager to make an impression in the marketplace and in the minds of prospective customers.  The ability to deliver optimal broadband and innovative services to subscribers, regardless of the access technology, was a key driver for our selection of Sandvine’s solutions and services,” said Douglas Reed, CEO, Vox Telecom.




“Sandvine’s Usage Management offering is a best-of-breed solution that will give Vox Telecom the ability to differentiate itself in this competitive marketplace,” said Stanley Freiman, CEO, Core2Africa Networks. “In addition, Sandvine’s consulting offerings and ability to work closely with the customer to define project details is an attractive add-on in this industry,  that we are happy to promote.”




“Sandvine is excited to partner with Core2Africa to bring network policy control solutions to Vox Telecom and their South African subscribers,” said Dave Caputo, CEO, Sandvine.  “When Sandvine is deployed in the network a few things happen:  the subscriber quality of experience increases, operational costs decrease, the network becomes more secure and the service provider has new ways of generating value for subscribers through new service offerings. We look forward to working with Vox Telecom.”








Core2Africa is a specialist in the development of efficient and scalable IP, MPLS and Ethernet infrastructures and supporting systems. We empower operators and service providers to cost optimise their network environments.  Our value added solutions offer improved network availability, better network performance and customer experience that fosters long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. For more information, please visit: www.core2africa.net.






Sandvine’s network policy control solutions focus on protecting and improving the quality of experience on the Internet. Our award-winning network policy control equipment and software helps fixed and mobile operators better understand network traffic, manage network congestion, create new services and revenues, mitigate traffic that is malicious or undesirable to subscribers, deliver QoS-prioritized multimedia services and increase subscriber satisfaction. With over 200 service provider customers in over 85 countries, serving hundreds of millions of broadband and mobile data subscribers, Sandvine is enhancing the Internet experience worldwide. For more information, please visit: www.sandvine.com.





Vox Telecom Limited is a leading telecoms operator, providing voice and data services to the Southern African market. The Group competes through its primary brands Vox Orion, Vox Datapro, Vox Amvia, @lantic, Vox Telepreneur and Vox Pureview and has offices in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth as well as in Windhoek, Namibia. Vox Telecom, over the past 13 years, has established itself as one of the major players in the telecoms market and is the largest black-owned telecommunications company in South Africa. More information is available at www.voxtelecom.co.za.








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