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VSN Integrates Civolution’s NexGuard Forensic Watermarking to Enable Easy and Secure Online Distribution of Broadcast Content

by david.nunes

VSN Integrates Civolution’s NexGuard Forensic Watermarking to Enable Easy and Secure Online Distribution of Broadcast Content

Barcelona, Spain, October 1st 2012 – VSN, developers of innovative software and broadcast-IT systems for multimedia content management, in partnership with Civolution, the leading provider of technology and solutions for identifying, managing and monetizing media content, announce an integration of their technologies to create one of the most advanced and secure mechanisms for distributing high quality broadcast content via the Internet.

VSN has integrated Civolution’s NexGuard™ – Pre-release for Online Media Delivery into their VSNIPTRANSFER product, allowing for automatic forensic watermarking of unique video downloads or streams over the VSNIPTRANSFER system.

“Civolution is a reputable and trusted technology innovator in content identification and protection,” said Jordi Gilabert, R&D Director VSN. “Working with Civolution and using their proven technology enables us to provide the highest quality product to our users. This is a very important addition to our offering, and answers many requests we have received for protecting content.”

VSNIPTRANSFER is the latest addition to the world of VSN television solutions. VSNIPTRANSFER facilitates secure, fast and transparent file sharing of media content over IP networks and Internet in broadcast quality. The incorporation of Civolution’s NexGuard – Pre-release protection into the VSNIPTRANSFER system allows for the embedding of imperceptible forensic watermarks into online video downloads or streams on a per-transaction basis, ensuring leaked content can be traced back to the original recipient regardless of transcoding processes.

“VSN has a proven track record of innovation in the broadcast-IT space, and we are proud to complement their VSNIPTRANSFER product with our best-in-class content protection solution,” said Jean-Michel Masson, SVP Watermarking Operations, Civolution. “As distribution of broadcast video continues its shift toward Internet delivery, protecting and tracking digital copies of video content will become critical to the successful management and monetization of those valuable assets.”

For movie studios, TV series producers, and content distributors alike, it is essential to employ measures that prevent piracy within the realm of online screening.  NexGuard – Pre-release is specifically designed for the (post)-production environment, making distribution of audio and video content copies traceable and secure. The NexGuard Online Media Delivery (OMD) solution for video watermarking of SD or HD content in H.264 format, identifies individual content copies upon business-to-business delivery, such as online download, file transfer, or streaming to remote viewers.

VSNIPTRANSFER was created with the latest development tools. The open platform readily adapts to existing infrastructure, drastically reducing the operating costs of companies that employ both regular and sporadic emission of content. VSNIPTRANSFER incorporates an accelerating protocol UMP (r) that optimizes bandwidth, allowing for transfer speeds between 10 and 100 times faster than the traditional speeds provided by traditional FTP platforms.

About VSN

VSN is an IT company which develops high performance and reliable software and complex broadcast-IT systems for multimedia content management. With more than 20 years’ experience, the technology developed by our team of engineers has provided solutions to meet the needs of more than 1000 customers in 100 countries. Among our clients are TV stations, Government Organizations, Universities and News agencies.

Specialized in the Broadcast industry, VSN offers solutions for master control and playout automation, MAM-archive, news and live production, IP content exchange, traffic & scheduling and broadcast-media-oriented BPM. The VSN framework integrates easily with multi-screen distribution and enables cloud and services business models.

About Civolution

Civolution (www.civolution.com) is the leading provider of technology and solutions to identify, manage and monetize media content. The company offers an extensive portfolio of cutting edge digital watermarking and fingerprinting applications for media interaction (accurate and real-time video synchronization for 2nd screen and smart TVs), media intelligence (audience measurement and media monitoring for television, radio and internet) and media protection (content filtering and forensic marking of media assets in pre-release, digital cinema, payTV and online). Follow us on Twitter: @Civolution.

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