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Vtesse Launches New Enterprise Service Built on ADVA Optical Networking’s Encryption Technology

by david.nunes

Vtesse Launches New Enterprise Service Built on ADVA Optical Networking’s Encryption Technology


Multiple Protocol Support Plays Key Role in Nationwide Rollout


London, United Kingdom. May 20, 2014.ADVA Optical Networking announced today that Vtesse is using the ADVA FSP 3000 with advanced encryption technology in a new enterprise service. Called Optical Secure, the new service is focused upon enterprises with specific needs to ensure the integrity and privacy of mission-critical data. Available throughout the U.K., Optical Secure supports multiple protocols, including Fibre Channel (FC), InfiniBand and Ethernet. It’s this wide range of protocol support that is vital to Vtesse and its customers. ADVA Optical Networking is currently the only vendor that is able to offer such a feature. The encryption technology is available across line speeds ranging from 1Gbit/s to 100Gbit/s.


“Trust is something our team values and something our customers demand. We build it into everything we do,” said Chris Peregrine, senior product manager, Vtesse. “That’s why our customers are willing to trust us with their mission-critical data. They trust us to help them fulfil the most stringent and demanding information security requirements and our technology partnerships are key to maintaining that trust. For over 12 years, the team at ADVA Optical Networking has helped us to build the most robust and secure network services possible. The ADVA FSP 3000 with encryption technology is the foundation of our new service and is what sets this service apart from any other solution available in the U.K. Optical Secure builds on our existing security credentials serving mission-critical government and financial services sectors, allowing us to offer wire-speed, low latency encryption for enterprise connectivity.”


ADVA Optical Networking’s encryption solution has proven itself in some of the world’s most demanding enterprise networks. From the financial community to government organizations, the ADVA FSP 3000 with encryption technology has built a strong reputation. A key factor for its success is its strict separation of network and security management. While the network operator oversees the network management, the customer has sole access to the encryption data. It’s this rich feature set that will enable Vtesse to set Optical Secure apart in the marketplace. With one of the largest networks in the U.K., Vtesse will be able to bring new levels of data security to every corner of the mainland.


“There’s no margin for error, no room for mistakes when you’re dealing with mission-critical data. Your technology and your team need to be faultless,” commented Alistair Swales, senior vice president, Sales UK & Ireland, ADVA Optical Networking. “This is something our team thrives on. This is why Vtesse has worked with us for over 12 years. They trust us. They trust us with their network, with their business, with their future. We never take this for granted. Our encryption technology is built for one purpose, one specific need – to protect data throughout the network. To ensure its safety no matter what the threat. And that’s exactly what we’ve built. This is why our encryption technology is so far ahead of anything else available on the market.”


Watch the latest 100G Metro with built-in encryption video for more information: http://adva.li/secure.


About ADVA Optical Networking

At ADVA Optical Networking we’re creating new opportunities for tomorrow’s networks, a new vision for a connected world. Our intelligent telecommunications hardware, software and services have been deployed by several hundred service providers and thousands of enterprises. Over the past twenty years, our innovative connectivity solutions have helped to drive our customers’ networks forward, helped to drive their businesses to new levels of success. We forge close working relationships with all our customers. As your trusted partner we ensure that we’re always ready to exceed your networking expectations. For more information on our products and our team, please visit us at: www.advaoptical.com.


About Vtesse

Since 2000, Vtesse has been building and operating one of the UK’s largest fibre-based networks and prides itself on innovative solutions and flexible designs for customers requiring the ultimate in high availability, managed wide area networks. Vtesse provides a range of networking solutions to UK-based organisations, system integrators, carriers and cloud service providers.  The company specialises in providing networking services to organisations with mission-critical communications requirements, including to some of the UK’s most prestigious financial and government organisations. For more on the Vtesse Optical secure service visit:  www.vtesse.com/services/optical-secure. For more about Vtesse, please visit: www.vtesse.com.

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