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Former IBM Chief Scientist Warns of New ‘Super Smart’ Computers that Can Think Like Humans

by david.nunes

Former IBM Chief Scientist Warns of New ‘Super Smart’ Computers that Can Think Like Humans

SYDNEY, March 19, 2013 – If you think smartphones have made a big impact on our lives today, wait till you see what the computers of tomorrow are capable of.

Peter Van Der Made, current Chief Scientist at vWISP based in Western Australia has spent over a decade studying the human brain and understanding how to replicate it in computer form. He is formerly IBM’s Chief Scientist at Internet Security Systems.

His new book, Higher Intelligence, tells the story of a 10-year breakthrough R&D project to build an ‘artificial brain’ chip that will help computers learn like the human brain.

In 2004, Bill Gates told a class of engineering students: “If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts.”

This breakthrough Gates referred to has now been achieved and is set to change the world in ways that not even Hollywood has imagined.

“By producing computer chips that allow computers to learn for themselves, we have unlocked the next generation of computers and artificial intelligence,” Mr Van Der Made says.

We are on the brink of a revolution now where the computers of tomorrow will be built to do more than we ever imagined.

“Current computers are great tools for number crunching, statistical analysis, or surfing the Internet. But their usefulness is limited when it comes to being able to think for themselves and develop new skills,” he says.

The synthetic brain chip of tomorrow can evolve through learning, rather than being programmed.

Instead of us buying apps for our smartphones to make them ‘smarter’, Van Der Made says new super smart computers, machines and mobile devices will be making themselves smarter without our help.

The fact that the human brain learns as it gathers and applies knowledge is one thing that has been overlooked in the past 70 years of people trying to develop computers with artificial intelligence.

This new approach to creating ‘super smart computers’ is set to revolutionize the world of computing and technology.

Van Der Made’s new book Higher Intelligence, that explains the ‘super smart revolution’ in more detail, is available now through amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, and more information, including a sample chapter can be found at the books’ web site: http://higherintelligencebook.com

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