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Waratek launches ElastiCat, Virtualization for Apache Tomcat

by david.nunes

Waratek launches ElastiCat, Virtualization for Apache Tomcat

ElastiCat unlocks Java memory, providing isolation and multitenancy for your applications.

25th July 2013, Dublin: Java virtualization specialists Waratek announced today the release of ElastiCat, the first and only true Java virtualization for Apache Tomcat.

It is widely known that the Java Platform generally – and JVMs specifically – do not support isolated multitenancy. But with ElastiCat it is possible to bring multitenancy to Apache Tomcat without any code changes. By virtualizing Tomcat the memory footprint per tenant can be reduced right down to the single megabytes or 10s of megabytes range – orders of magnitude less than with dedicated JVMs for each tenant. At the same time applications are isolated, improving uptime and availability.

With NO change to existing code, ElastiCat provides:

· Multitenancy: run multiple applications on a single instance of Tomcat

· Isolation: using isolated Java Virtual Containers (JVCs), ElastiCat ensures that if one application should fail, the others are not affected.

· Density: increase your application density by 200% or more!

· Elasticity: allow your applications to share resources, ensuring that each application gets the resource it needs, when it needs it, with nothing going to waste

“Using ElastiCat to run your Java environment”, says John Matthew Holt, founder and CTO of Waratek, “increases the density and resource allocation of your applications, dramatically reducing your infrastructure costs per application by two thirds or more.”

It takes only 90 seconds to see how ElastiCat can unlock your Java memory and, with no code change, your applications gain isolation and multitenancy.

See how ElastiCat works and then try it for free!


About Waratek
Waratek is a specialist JVM company which has developed disruptive and patented technology leading to the next generation of virtualization. The team’s extensive and revolutionary research has led to game-changing Java virtualization, which increases application density whilst bringing the benefits of Cloud delivery to core code.

Waratek is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with offices in London, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Shaghai, Taipei and Seoul. Backed by 50 international investors, the largest is Mangrove Capital Partners, a leading VC and the biggest investor in Skype.

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