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Kuala Lumpur, 26th August 2011 – Greenpacket, a leading developer of next generation mobile broadband and networking solutions, has been awarded a 2-year contract by Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s leading WiMAX operator, for the supply of Greenpacket’s award-winning high-gain modem, the UH350. Wateen Telecom is a venture of the Abu Dhabi Group, which also owns Warid Telecom, Pakistan’s leading mobile operator. Together, they deliver unmatched quad-play services of data, voice, media, mobile and networking solutions, enabling the digital lifestyles of the people of Pakistan.


Wateen Telecom CEO Naeem Zamindar said, “The personal broadband segment is currently missing from the broadband offering in Pakistan; we see a great opportunity in closing this gap to over 500,000 subscribers within the next 3 years. Currently, we serve 22% of the wireless broadband market in Pakistan. Greenpacket’s hybrid UH350 will be critical to us in growing this segment of the market. Our aim is to provide customers with on-the-go, smooth and seamless internet access, making connectivity agile for them; anywhere and everywhere, indoor and outdoor in Pakistan. We are confident that the UH350 will enhance our customers’ accessibility to infotainment efficiently and enable us to continue providing the best wireless broadband in Pakistan.”


Pakistan’s broadband market is expected to reach 4.3 million by the end of 2013 with the mobile broadband segment accounting for almost 50% of the total market. The UH350 is ideally suited for Wateen Telecom’s youth segment in key metro areas such as Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. As the pioneer of WiMAX service in the country, Wateen is constantly transforming Pakistan’s digital lifestyle landscape to match the service needs of Pakistan’s consumers. Wateen plans to enable this explosive growth in the youth segment by providing low-cost and reliable personal broadband service to serve their infotainment needs.


“Pakistan is one of the earliest countries to adopt WiMAX in the region and we have seen the acceleration of mobile broadband in the past few years. Today’s consumers expect a lot more from their service providers; absolute performance, mobility and portability all at the same time. We are confident the UH350 will meet Wateen Telecom customer’s high expectations of high-speed connectivity, anytime and anywhere putting the customers in control,” said, Kelvin Lee, senior general manager of Greenpacket.


Greenpacket is the world’s third largest supplier of WiMAX CPEs. Its UH350 modem has exceptional performance in terms of usability as it has an advanced embedded high-gain omni-antenna that radiates and receives signals from any direction and automatically selects the best antenna within the modem to improve signal strength performance.

With the technology now available, Greenpacket’s feature-rich award-winning WiMAX modem for indoor and outdoor use will enable consumers in Pakistan to plug in and receive an instantaneous and reliable network connection.


About Greenpacket:


Greenpacket prides itself as a leading developer of Next Generation mobile broadband and networking solutions. Its carrier-grade solutions and award-winning consumer devices help Telecommunications Operators open new avenues, meet new demands, and enrich lifestyles while forging new relationships. Greenpacket believes in a future of limitless freedom in wireless communications and commits to meeting the needs of customers through innovative solutions.


Greenpacket is the solutions pillar of Green Packet Berhad, which is founded in 2000 in Silicon Valley. Green Packet Berhad is now headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and listed on the Main Board of the Malaysian bourse. It has over 1000 employees with nine operations across the globe. For more information visit: www.greenpacket.com



About Wateen Telecom

An Abu Dhabi Group venture, Wateen Telecom has always given high priority to being a pioneer on the technological forefront, bringing alive the country’s tremendous culture, languages and communities by connecting them through state of the art triple-play technologies of fibre optics, fixed and wireless internet, long distance and international telephony solutions, satellite backhauling solutions, network & enterprise solutions and CATV media network. Wateen’s newest media venture alone connects approximately 300,000 homes in Lahore, Pakistan. Wateen is the pioneer of WiMAX services in the country as well as Pakistan’s largest nation-wide wireless broadband network spanning 22 cities.


For more information about the company, please visit: www.wateen.com.


For more information about this press release please contact:


Sales & Marketing Contact:                                          Wateen Telecom Contact         

Carol Koh, Director, Global Marketing                                         Name : Salman Mazhar

Green Packet Berhad                                                                 Company : Wateen Telecom

T: +603 7450 8888 ext 8379                                                        T : +92 42 111 999 919

E: carol.koh@greenpacket.com                                                  E : salman.mazhar@wateen.com


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