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WaveCrest signs deal with Penny Appeal to take on VoIP

by david.nunes

WaveCrest challenges VoIP services as it signs deal with Penny Appeal charity to launch international calling app

WaveCrest, the global provider of branded voice solutions, and humanitarian aid charity Penny Appeal today signed a deal to develop an international calling app that will operate on a profit-sharing business model, allowing users to support the work of the charity while they talk.

Through the deal, WaveCrest intends to take on other similar international calling apps and attract consumers away from low-cost VoIP platforms, such as Skype and WhatsApp, by providing them with a compelling charity incentive. Profits from international calls on the app will be split between WaveCrest and Penny Appeal.

One of the first of its kind, the Penny Appeal International Calling app will be developed in-house by WaveCrest, which has recently scaled up its mobile application development team, and calls will be routed via its well-established international call termination network. WaveCrest terminates in excess of 3 billion voice minutes per year, and has more than 300 active interconnects.

With a strong heritage as a wholesale telecoms provider, WaveCrest recently established itself as one of the leading providers of branded international calling apps for companies and charities. In 2012, the company partnered with Tesco to launch its successful international calling smartphone app. WaveCrest is also working with a number of organisations to launch branded calling apps over the next 12 months.

Penny Appeal works in over 30 crisis-hit countries around the world, providing life-saving aid to the poor and needy. With more Facebook ‘Likes’ than big names like Oxfam UK and partnerships with international celebrities such as world champion boxer Amir Khan, the charity is undergoing a period of significant expansion with the aim of tackling poverty in sustainable ways for even more people worldwide.

Calls will be competitively priced and the app will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices in Q4 2015. It will also have an internal advertising panel showing details of the charity campaign that the call is contributing towards. Customers will also be able to connect to Penny Appeal’s 24/7 donation line directly through the app, and it allows customers to share the latest news and updates on charity campaigns via Facebook and Twitter. As calls on the app will be made through the phone’s internal dialler function, users will also keep the same outgoing mobile phone number.

Chris Adams, CEO of WaveCrest, said:

“As the international calling market comes under pressure from VoIP providers like Skype and, now, WhatsApp, the telecoms sector needs to find new ways to entice customers to our services. The reliable carrier-grade call quality we provide is one reason.

“But we must also start to think in different ways and partner with different types of organisation. In our global-village world, the telecoms industry has many new opportunities and choices. One of those is to make a conscious decision to help others. We have made that decision and I’m proud to be partnering with Penny Appeal.

“Penny Appeal is doing fantastic work worldwide and we believe many people will jump at the chance to donate profits of their calling costs to the charity. Customers will be able to keep the same mobile number and the app will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t cost the end-user any extra money and in fact they have the added convenience of being able to call directly from a well-designed and fully featured smartphone app.”

Aamer Naeem, Penny Appeal CEO, said:

“Penny Appeal has a ‘small change, big difference’ philosophy, so bringing in regular donations from this profit-sharing business model will go a long way towards transforming the lives of the poor around the world.

“It’s fantastic to launch such an innovative offering and we’re delighted to be working with such a forward-thinking organisation like WaveCrest. We really believe our affordable way of contacting loved-ones overseas and at the same time helping those in need, will have a huge appeal to the public.”

About Wavecrest

With more than 300 active interconnects, WaveCrest provides a full range of termination and origination services throughout the world. They terminate more than 3 billion voice minutes per year, which generate more than $200 million in revenues. It recently opened a dedicated unit within the business to develop and launch branded international calling mobile applications. Headquartered in London, it has regional offices in France, Germany, Italy and Dubai. It was acquired in December 2014 by international digital services company New Call Telecom.

About Penny Appeal
Penny Appeal was launched in 2009 and now works in over 30 crisis-hit countries worldwide. As a humanitarian charity, we work to alleviate poverty by installing wells, caring for orphans and the elderly, building orphanages, opening schools, restoring sight, delivering nutritious meals, providing emergency aid and much more. For more information visit www.pennyappeal.org

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